Snom D710 IP Phone Kenya


Snom 710 IP Phone  Kenya 

The Snom 710 IP Phone  in Nairobi is an entry level VoIP phone with a 4 line black and white display. The Snom 710 IP Phone has four context-sensitive function buttons and 5 programmable LED function keys for better user friendliness. Due to its brilliant cost-performance ratio, the Snom 710 is perfect both for ITSP bundle products and for small and medium enterprises, home offices, and private users.

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Snom D710 IP Phone Nairobi 

The Snom D710 IP Phone in Nairobi is a state-of-the-art, full-featured IP phone, supporting 4 SIP identities and providing five programmable buttons with LEDs for graphical call indication. It mergers an elegant, useful design with high performance and affordability.

With a rich set of business features critical for today’s real-time, information-driven workforce, the Snom D710 IP Phone provides superior call quality. Its shiny, ergonomic design has an advanced speaker and microphone system, and supports a wide range of media codecs. It comes with a preinstalled security certificate for rapid and safe provisioning and supports the modern security protocols. Remote management and full support for TR-069/TR-111 make the Snom 710 Phone a perfect endpoint for service providers as well as larger scale multi-site installations.

The four-line display of the Snom 710 IP Phone in Mombasa with its 4 context-sensitive and variably programmable function buttons sets new standards of user-friendliness: The menu-driven user interface delivers simple and comfortable feature management. Functions like extension or speed dial can be mapped onto programmable buttons easily and comfortably on the web interface or in the Settings menu of the Snom 710 Kenya.

Snom 710 IP Phone Features:

  • Four-line B/W display
  • 4 SIP identities
  • 5 freely programmable function keys with LEDs
  • Wideband audio
  • Hands-free operation
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Elegant design
  • Four-line backlit B/W display
  • 4 context-sensitive function keys
  • Wideband HD audio
  • Speakerphone
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Ethernet switch
  • XML Minibrowser

HD Audio Quality

Enjoy crisp and clear sounds courtesy of a smart Digital Signal Processor(DSP) that is embedded in the Snom D710 IP Phone. It also incorporates the use of smart Comfort Noise(CNG) with Voice Activity Detection (VAD), resulting in crystal clear sounds which are free from distractions.

Simple & Ergonomic Design 

The elegant Black Snom D710 IP Phone has been built to support 4 SIP lines, Power over Ethernet (PoE),  and a wide range of audio codecs, an advanced speaker and microphone system  so as to accord you crystal clear conversations which are free of distractions. It boasts of 5 programmable keys with built in LEDS for visual call indication alerts and 4 context-sensitive function keys. The highly interoperable device is suitable for use in many business settings where both small and  large scale deployments  are needed.

Lightweight Design

The Snom D710 IP Phone has been meticulously designed to be extremely lightweight, with a net weight of just 440grams and a foot stand weighing just 120g. This enables you to move around freely with it, without any strain.

Personalized Settings 

Snom D710 IP Phone comes with in-built classic ringtones which can be set to suit the user’s preferences as notification tones for incoming calls and messages. It also allows for localization of settings such as language, time, and dial tones.

Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Snom D710 IP Phone is designed to support Power over Ethernet and is therefore a power – saving device which is highly useful in offices that wish to cut down on operational expenses.



The Message Waiting Indicator :  This feature comes in the form of a notification to alert you of a new voicemail message. The audible Message Waiting Indicator hinges on a ‘stutter dial tone’ to notify the user when a message is waiting to be retrieved, whereas a visual Message Waiting Indicator triggers a light or notice on the phone display, ensuring that you never miss out on important phone calls.

Call Transfer : This advanced feature of the Snom D710 IP Phone allows the user to relocate an inbound call to another phone or messaging system by using a dedicated call transfer button on the phone, or software that has been configured for use on the Wireless Phone.

Call Waiting : You can hear another incoming call when you are already on an active phone call (beep). With the Snom D710 IP Phone, you can also turn off call waiting so that incoming calls are directly sent to voicemail during moments you are active on another Phone call.

Call Holding : You can easily place an active phone call on hold in order to make or pick another incoming call using the premium Snom D710 IP Phone.

Conference Guide: This advanced feature of the Snom D710 IP Phone helps the user to easily set up group calls with a single click of a button. The hi-tech device allows for 4 – way group calls. You can therefore  simply create a meeting or join one seamlessly while using your device.

Snom D710 IP Phone Quick Specs 

Dimensions (approx. LxWxD) :

  • without foot stand: 205x185x40 mm (8.1″x7.3″x1.6″)
  • with foot stand 205x185x200/220 mm (8.1″x7.3″x7.9″/8.7″)

Weight :

  • Phone approx. 440g
  • foot stand approx. 120g

Safety : IEC 60950-1:2007

Certifications : FCC Class B, CE Mark

Power consumption Approx. 1.8 – 2.3 W

Connectors :

  • 1 x LAN, 1 x PC: RJ45 (Ethernet)
  • Power: Input voltage 5V DC, max. 5 W (adapter not included)
  • Ethernet: 2 x IEEE 802.3 10/100 Mbps switch
  • Power over Ethernet: IEEE 802.3af, Class 1
  • Handset: RJ-4P4C connector
  • Headset: (wired) 4P4C connector; wireless via snom EHS Enhanced

Display : Four-line display, BW, 128 x 48 pixels

Keyboard :

  • 5 freely programmable keys
  • 4 variable function keys
  • Call indication LED
  • Message Waiting Indication LED


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