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Contact Vector Kenya for pocket-friendly and flexible voice solutions for your business. Our telephone systems in Nairobi are highly reliable and flexible for use in hotels, homes, offices, as well as enterprises with thousands of users dispersed in different geographical locations. We can assist you with small or big telephone systems, depending on the size of business you run. Our telephony solutions are equipped with the best advanced features to serve the communication needs and requirements of your business.

Telephony Kenya Nairobi

PABX System Eldoret or IP Telephone System ?

This can be quite difficult for business owners to decide since most of them do not understand the technical parameters involved in using the two different systems. An analog PABX system is your perfect solution if your business requirements involves only receiving and making phone calls. It is the best choice for any entry – level business since it is reliable and highly cost – effective. Some of the PABX models available in Eldoret include the Panasonic KX-824  and NEC SL1000 .

Integration with IP telephony system is one ma factor to consider if you are looking for business-friendly features. In IP Telephone system voice signals are converted to data packets and devices can be managed like any other network device in your network. Many IP telephone systems in Nairobi are equipped with advanced features that aid the growth of your business. IP Telephone systems allow businesses to seamlessly integrate their communications over big areas or multiple locations. Conventional telephone systems can carry out a little bit of networking but can barely integrate successfully with other devices since they use their own controls whereas network is separately operated.  IP Telephony integrates over a wider network which is easier and more complete. An office in Kenya can now literally be part of the same phone system as an office in London.

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