Yealink Video Conferencing System Nairobi Kenya

Technology has really evolved, therefore greatly affecting communication. Video conferencing in particular has transformed the way people communicate in the current modern world. It is in fact very beneficial to modern businesses that invest in it. It bridges barriers of distance and time since people located in different geographical  locations can conduct virtual meetings with a life-like and natural experience, feeling as if they are indeed together in person. This helps businesses enhance productivity while minimizing the amount of costs incurred in carrying out different operations. Advanced video conferencing systems allows for sharing of files and documents, conducting live presentations and training sessions from different remote locations. Technology is simply a blessing to business owners.

Selecting the best video conferencing system can be a little difficult as there are many available video conferencing systems in the market. It is therefore very important to understand and identify the advantages of implementing a video conferencing system before settling on one. Once the requirements and benefits are identified, it is fine to get the support from the right provider who can assist you from the designing phase to the implementation phase.

Choose Yealink Video Conferencing Systems in Kenya

Yealink is widely acclaimed as the leading provider offering wide range of video, audio and collaboration experience solutions. Yealink Video Conferencing System in Kenya has been designed to integrate easily with various server platforms which can be used in any communication environment. Yealink delivers cutting – edge video conferencing solutions characterized by high quality, rich features, good user experience, easy placement and cost-effective performance. These solutions help business enterprises to enhance communication efficiency and to reduce communication costs.

Yealink’s video conferencing solutions enable the business to enjoy the meetings over network environments and on various devices with comprehensive support. With the solutions, you never feel that you are having the communication over the network, instead, it makes the feeling as if you are in a live meeting – thus making the human connection livelier regardless of the distance.

Yealink Video Conferencing System comes with the varied models and it comprises of Yealink VC500, VC800, MVC series, and ZVC video conferencing systems.

Yealink VC200 video conferencing systems

Yealink Video Conferencing System kenya

Yealink Vc200 Nairobi Kenya

Yealink VC200 is the latest advanced high resolution 4K video conferencing systems designed Ideal for small and huddle room. It’s highly “easy to nature” and high quality makes it favorable for the small meeting rooms..With the most advanced Beamforming technology, VC200’s 6 built-in microphone arrays support directed voice pickup, ensuring a clearer voice by automatically identifying and comparing voice.

Some of the features include

  • The Ultra HD 4K camera supports 4x digital zoom and e-PTZ, with super-wide 103° horizontal field of view, covering every seat at the table.
  • 1080P full HD video conferencing and H.265/HEVC codecs, resisting up to 30% video loss.


Yealink VC500 Video conferencing systems

Yealink Video Conferencing System kenya

Yealink Vc500 Nairobi Kenya

Yealink VC500  video conferencing system, has been designed to provide the users with exceptional video conferencing facilities. It supports an intelligent firewall traversal that makes your work easier. Its support for features like the “bandwidth dynamic adaptive adjustment” makes it more consistent and reliable for the video conferencing solutions. VC500 delivers a lifelike face-to-face conferencing experience for small and medium meeting rooms. Its wide-angle lens provides an expanded 83-degree horizontal field of view to ensure that everyone in the room is visible during the meeting. Equipped with a 1080p @ 60fps and 5X optical PTZ camera, VC500 offers a vivid image as well as a clear concentration.

Its features include :

  • High definition Video: This systems delivers 1080p people + content shared conferencing solution. It supports high definition stream for document exchange including the presentations, multimedia files, video, and other multimedia.
  • Brilliant user experience: This system make use of its resources for delivering a brilliant user experience. For example, whilst on a call you can adjust the screen layout as per your wish and intelligent searching.
  • High interoperability: It supports the SIP and the compression technology H.323. It is also compatible with many professional leading office platforms, thus delivering cost effectiveness and flexibility.


Yealink VC 800 Video conferencing system

Yealink Video Conferencing System kenya

Yealink Vc800 Nairobi Kenya

The Yealink VC800 room system in Kenya features an all-in-one design and first-class video and audio technology that creates an easier and more effective collaboration experience. Equipped with an intuitive user interface, Yealink VC800 makes meeting control simpler. Featuring H.265/HEVC, Opus and HD voice backed by Harman Kardon speaker, it facilitates more immersive audio-visual collaboration.

The Yealink VC800  in Nairobi Equipped with the powerful built-in MCU,  supports 24-site HD video conferencing capacity and can be divided into 2 Virtual Meeting Rooms , therefore solving modern workplace long-distance communication needs.


  • Supports H.265/HEVC, thus saving up to 50% of bandwidth. Super packet loss recovery technology enables Yealink VC800 minimize up to 30% video and audio packet loss.
  • High definition Voice: it has been equipped with the features to support 360 degree voice pick up and other professional voice processing technologies.
  • Deeply integrated with Yealink Meeting Server(YMS), Yealink VC800 supports the 3rd-party room systems and integrates with the leading cloud platforms.



Yealink ZVC500 Zoom Rooms Kit

This video conferencing system comprises of an optical PTZ camera, uniting microphones, an UVC50, speaker, and meeting console, all incorporated into the CP960 and the MCore mini-PC. All these features makes the Yealink ZVC500 Zoom Rooms kits perfect for use in small and medium – sized rooms. The Yealink CP960 integrates microphones. speaker and the meeting console through its one cable connection with the conference table . This eliminates the need to use a traditional USB cable from the TV area to the conference table area , thus according the user an easy deployment experience. Some of its features include :

UVC50 USB PTZ Camera (features) :

  • 1920 * 1080 video resolution
  • 60 frame rate
  • 5x optical zoom
  • 91-degree diagonal field of view
  • Auto – framing
  • Camera presets
  • 60-degree pan range
  • 40-degree tilt range

CP960 Conference Phone (features) :

  • 5″ 720 *1280 capacitive touch screen
  • 1 * RJ45 10/100M Ethernet Port
  • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) , class 4
  • 2 * Wired MIC ports
  • 2 * USB 2.0 ports
  • 1* Security slot
  • 1 * 3.5mm audio – out port
  • 1 * USB 2.0 Micro – B device port

MCore Mini-PC (features) :

  • 8th-gen Intel QUAD-CORE i5
  • Memory : 8GB(2 * 4GB)
  • Storage : 128GB SSD
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Built-in cable management

Yealink Video Conferencing Mobile & Desktop App

Yealink Desktop Mobile Conferencing App KenyaYealink Windows desktop and Mobile app is the latest addition to Yealink’s innovative One-stop Video Conferencing Solution.These conferencing applications are mainly for the people who work in the office, in business travel or at home.It offer high-quality, best-in-class high definition (HD) video collaboration program created to streamline communication for today’s businesses. Yealink VC Mobile being compatible with iOS 8.0, Android 4.4 or later.As a new and very innovative product, Yealink VC Mobile is the ideal partner for you to have a mobile and HD video conferencing.

  • H.323/SIP dual-protocol support
  • H.264 High Profile, saving 50% bandwidth
  • Bandwidth Adaptability
  • HD Video/Audio/Content Sharing


Yealink Video Conference Products – Yealink Supplier Kenya

Contact Vector Digital Systems, a leading company in the provision of IT products and services for the best solutions in Video conferencing systems in Kenya. Vector Digitals deals in Yealink’s video conferencing system that best suit the communication needs of your business regardless of its size. Our highly skilled team of technicians are glad to assist you in choosing and implementing the type of Yealink video conferencing solution that best serves your business. They also assist in the installation of your chosen video conferencing system while adhering to the highest standards of configuration and orientation. We also deal in video conferencing solutions from the world’s top brands such as Avaya, Grandstream and Polycom. We have our services spread across various towns in Kenya including Nairobi, Eldoret, Kisumu, and Mombasa.

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