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Cloud computing is very essential and can be applied in many scenarios including health industries, corporates, financial institutions, . or other settings. Many organizations are now embracing the use of cloud-based solutions for maximum efficiency and flexibility in communication. Choosing the best application can be such a daunting task since there are many available options in the market.

Cloud-based applications provide a cost effective way of communication for busy offices with  heavy workloads. A good cloud-based technology system fits perfectly into any work environment and works well across different functionalities in an office.You should therefore choose a reliable cloud-based solution which comes with numerous advanced features so as to enhance communication and boost productivity in your organization.

Cloud solutions with VDS Technology Kenya

Vector Digital Systems Kenya boasts of a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who gladly assist you in choosing, designing and implementing the best cloud-based solution that best suits the communication needs and requirements of your business or organizations. We deliver the most integrated and highly versatile cloud solutions in Kenya.

Benefits of using Cloud- Based solutions in business:

  • Faster operations: Multi-user mode enables easy management of many files and documents at once in real time.
  • Maximum Security: It uses the most trusted security protocols and data encryption to secure your files and reduce risks of loss that could result from malicious cyber attacks.
  • Cost efficiency: It eliminates the expenses incurred in purchasing licenses.

Cloud-based solutions enable you to achieve the set goals and objectives of your business by saving you from time delays and additional expenses. It also saves you from hardware malfunctions.

Some of the cloud solutions the cloud solutions we offer include:

Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft is a highly ranked brand which offers many cloud solution packages and office applications to meet the communication needs of various different offices. Office 365 is an efficient cloud-based solution which has mostly been embraced by many organizations. It is highly flexible and can be incorporated with the newest versions of the office. Exchange Online for instance, is an email service which delivers the same services that otherwise would have been offered by the ‘on-premises’ email system.We are a well known provider of cloud solutions in Kenya who offer efficiency to maximize productivity in your business.

Using Office 365 comes with a lot of benefits including:

Security: Office 365 uses SSL/TSL encryptions to secure your data and files, such that even if an illegal access is made, the files cannot be read. It also uses other security protocols which are compliant with Microsoft standards to secure your files from malicious cyber attacks and hacker.

Reliability: Cloud computing is highly reliable, boasting of 99.9% uptime schedules which ensure that data is highly reliable so that it can be easily shared with multiple data centers which are based in different parts of the world.

With the use of Microsoft exchange online, the company can get the following benefits:

  • Mailboxes up to 25 GB
  • Attachment up to 25 MB
  • Restore deleted items from the mailbox
  • Supports IMAP and POP

Vector Digitals can customize the office package as per your needs.

Dedicated and VPS servers

With us, you have the freedom to choose the servers to host your website or service your data. The available types of servers include dedicated servers and virtual private servers, which we efficiently manage so as to meet your different communication needs. We also assist you in choosing , planning, and configuring your preferred server while considering your communication requirements.

VPS server: Change your website hosting from low shared hosting to a robust and reliable hosting service that makes it more flexible. Choice of choosing the Operating system. A dedicated server gives you the sole owner of the full server capacity to the owner or organization, making it impossible to share with others. It also gives you the freedom to choose a dedicated server in order to experience an excellent hosting service.

Virtual desktop

Virtual desktop enables a user to store the desktop environment remotely on a server.A virtual operating system is provided for the user once the virtualization software splits the physical machine  from the software. This enables the users to keep working regardless of their physical location.Information is stored remotely, therefore eliminating the need to update and install the patch software.A remote storage secures your data from loss such that you can retrieve them when reference is needed in future. We are highly skilled in delivering Virtual Desktop solutions to many different organizations.

Google Apps for Business

This entails a set of cloud computing tools meant for business and personal uses. There are many available Google Apps which include Gmail, Google calendar, Google Docs, Google presentation, Hangouts, Google Plus, Google Drive, and many others. When merged, these cloud solutions can bring high transformations to a business. We assist organizations to organize and manage these Google Apps so as to enhance productivity in offices.

Cloud backup and Data recovery

Cloud backup and Data Recovery eliminates the risks of data loss due to malicious hacks and cyber attacks. It is an efficient way of securing important files in your organization. We offer excellent backup plans which are cloud based, as well as data recovery solutions to meet your security needs. Such data recovery plans can be optimized and adjusted to meet the needs of your business.

Private cloud services

Securing data and achieving maximum integrity and accessibility  are the main concerns of many companies, and this has caused them to opt for cloud solutions for data backup, data storage, and data recovery so as to eliminate risks of insecurity. Private cloud services allow users to minimize operations  so as to enhance security of files and data.With much skill and experience,we build and implement private cloud services in Kenya to suit the needs of your business.

Cloud ERP/CRM System

Cloud ERP/CRM systems allow organizations to manage and organize information effectively and securely. The method of cloud computing technologies offers flexible management of your business operation. Our cloud-based ERP/CRM solution is viable for small and medium businesses as well. A properly planned and installed cloud ERP/CRM system serves the business with a lot of advantages including:

  • Reduces IT support services
  • Cost-effective
  • Faster access to ERP/CRM applications
  • Accessing the system anywhere
  • No pay for the software licenses

We are renowned for the customization and implementation of Cloud ERP/CRM systems in Kenya.

Embrace the cloud technologies with us and experience the power of business.

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