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Logitech delivers scalable Logitech Conference Cams which are suitable for all types conference rooms, ranging from huddle rooms to large conference rooms. It provides you with the best conference solutions which enable you to experience smooth conferences. A modern office should be packed with maximum collaboration capabilities so as to increase productivity. Logitech provides you with video conferencing solutions which allow your work team to seamlessly share files and screens , talk, and whiteboard different ideas and opinions which are work – related. Logitech’s video conferencing solutions are cloud – based, resulting in smooth meeting experiences which in turn enhances the productivity of employees.

Many modern organizations wish to build strong relationships with their partners, employees, investors and clients without incurring huge costs. Currently, there are so many available modes of communication which allow businesses to stay connected with their clients, investors, as well as partners. Logitech video conferencing enables you to cut down on operational costs by completely eliminating travel expenses which would have otherwise been spent on commuting to the meeting venue. Users can easily conduct meetings from any geographical location.Live video conferencing is an effective means of communication. For instance, one can easily give a demonstration of a product to a client who is abroad or who is trying to solve a technical issue where some data sharing is required. In both cases, the need for travel can be simply circumvented through the use of a video conferencing platform. Many businesses and organizations feel that it is an expensive way of communication, but thanks to technological evolution, many video conferencing  systems have been made available therefore giving businesses the freedom to choose one that they can afford. Video conferencing enables you to meet more customers and work together smoothly.

Accelerate your business growth with Logitech video conferencing solution

Logitech  is well known for providing the best video conferencing solutions in Kenya. It is keen on quality and innovation, and as a result, offers an assortment of conference cams, webcams that are specifically built to meet the communication needs of a modern business. The Logitech video conferencing solutions open new possibilities and solution which business can utilize it for building effective relationships. For a business that doesn’t have a dedicated room for the meetings, the Logitech systems look encouraging. It doesn’t matter if you prefer PC for the meetings; the series of Logitech cameras offer the right kind of flexibility to facilitate the Video conference.

Logitech Video Conferencing Nairobi Kenya

Smart solutions for your communication need in Kenya with Logitech video conferencing

Having been highly ranked as the best service provider in video conferencing solutions in Kenya, Vector Digital Systems provides businesses and industries with feasible conference solutions within Nairobi town and its environs. Logitech video conferencing in Kenya empowers you with the best infrastructure that best serves your conferencing requirements and needs. You can easily access our services in various towns across Kenya including Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret, Thika, Kisumu, Malindi, Kitale, and Nakuru.  We provide conferencing solutions with comprehensive Logitech video conferencing systems, such as  Logitech Group, Logitech Meetup, Logitech Rally, Logitech Rally Plus,  Logitech Group Kit, Logitech connects, Logitech PTZ Pro, Logitech Connect and Logitech BCC950, all of which can deliver an outstanding  conferencing experience for your business in Kenya

Logitech Group – Video Conference solutions for small to large-sized enterprises and SMB

The Logitech Group video-conferencing system in Kenya is well-designed, affordable, and delivers clear audio and images, making it a strong alternative to expensive enterprise-focused options. With “Logitech Group,” you can turn any meeting location to a video collaboration space. Logitech Group Video Conference enables you to cater to larger meeting rooms with up to 14 people — or 20 with optional expansion microphones. The USB plug and play connectivity allows the system to connect to a laptop and  use it for the video meeting. The Group system delivers exceptionally high definition videos with clear sound. Logitech Group Video Conferencing is equipped with echo cancellation and noise reduction technology to prevent echo and external noise, respectively. It can be used with any video conferencing software, thus proving to be highly flexible. The Group Video Meeting System In Kenya is able to produce high definition 1080 resolution videos at the frame rate of 30 frames per second. The compression format H.264 greatly reduces the bandwidth, while its powerful 10x zoom provides a detailed view of the images.

Logitech Group Nairobi KenyaOther features and specifications

  • Tilt and zoom camera
  • Full high definition
  • Provide 90-degree field of view and 130-degree tilt
  • Touch controls for call answering, volume adjusting and mute
  • LCD provides the info on calls (caller id and call duration)
  • Skype for Business certified and much more

Logitech Group  Kit enables you to carry out video conferencing in large rooms. Logitech incorporates the use of Intel technology so as to deliver a complete solution which makes video conferencing simple, smarter, effective, as well as exciting. Its high definition video and full-duplex speakerphone offers an amazing collaboration experience during video conferences.

Logitech Rally & Rally Plus Kenya

You can create a perfect audio configuration for your meeting space using Logitech Rally which supports up to 7 mic pods. It is equipped with the RightSense technology, and it accurately auto frames conference participants irrespective of their distance from the lens. The proactive RightLight technology focuses on human faces rather than the surrounding environment, resulting to crystal clear images with even skin tones across all skin types. The RightSound technology delivers sound clarity by suppressing background noise, auto-leveling voices, and focusing on active speakers only.

For medium and large-sized meeting rooms, the smaller solution Logitech Rally comes with one speaker and one mic pod. If you are in need of equipment for larger spaces with 14 participants or more, Logitech Rally Plus Dubai offers two mic pods and two speakers for greater versatility right at the get-go. Both packages also include Rally Display Hub, Rally Table Hub, and Remote Control so you get the full experience no matter which solution you choose.

Logitech Video Conferencing System Kenya

Logitech Rally Rallyplus Kenya


Logitech Meetup – All-in-one conference cam with an ultra-wide lens for small rooms

Logitech MeetUp in Kenya features exquisitely engineered, premium camera optics that capture a wide field-of-view without distorting faces and furniture with a “fisheye” effect. Faces look natural, whiteboard writing remains legible, and straight lines stay straight. Perfectly frame presenters to minimize background distractions. Zoom in on whiteboards and objects so remote participants can see what you see. Thanks to its advanced 4K image sensor, the video remains sharp and clear, even when you zoom in on the details. Logitech Meetup in Kenya is a Perfect Video Conferencing  Solution for Hurdle Meeting Room.

Logitech Video Conferencing System Kenya

Logitech Meetup Supplier Kenya

Logitech connects – optimized for small group meetings.

Logitech connect is specifically built  for huddle rooms. With this simple solution, a small group consisting of up to 6 people can join and conduct a meeting. Due to its compact design, it can be easily shifted from room to room. For a smaller video conferencing, there is no other better solution than the “Logitech connect.

Logitech Connect Conferencing System Nairobi KenyaIts features include:

  • High definition video
  • 4x Digital zoom
  • 360 degree sound
  • Wireless screen- mirror projection
  • Portable design (all-in-one)
  • Compatible with most video conferencing apps (Skype for business, Microsoft Lync, Cisco jabber etc…)



The Logitech Connect capacities can be extended with the Logitech Connect kit. Joined with Intel technology, it delivers a powerful performance of Intel NUC, content sharing abilities, and Iluminari Quicklaunch SE.

Logitech PTZ Pro – professional video for large rooms and meeting spaces

This is a superior High definition pan, tilt and Zoom featured camera that is perfect for large conference rooms in the education industry and other professional event spaces. The PTZ camera works with well-known video conferencing applications, and it is certified for use with Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, Skype for business. As well it is compatible with Cisco Jabber and WebEx.

Logitech Ptz Pro Conferencing Solution NairobiSome of its features include :

  • Full vsibility in the room
  • Deliver 1080p resolution video
  • 90-degree field of view
  • 260-degree pan and 130-degree tilt
  • 10x Full High definition zoom
  • High precision lens
  • Operate the camera from a remote location using Skype for business and Microsoft, Lync
  • Can be mounted on table or wall
  • ZEISS Lens
  • Pan tilt and zoom using a handheld remote

Logitech BCC950 for a smaller group of 1 to 4 people

With Logitech BCC950, you can conduct your video conferencing at your convenience. It is designed for smaller groups and rooms. The advantage is that it is easy to set up in the conference table or any location. It delivers High definition video combined with the clear audio. It is affordable, as well.

Its features include :

  • Wideband audio
  • High definition video
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Compatible with many video conferencing applications
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Best for small offices, homes
  • Works with Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, and Skype for business.
  • ZEISS lens
  • 78-degree field of view

What is your Gain when choosing Logitech for Video Conferencing

Logitech is a a well known provider of the most technologically advanced products and services in video conferencing. Their products are also extremely affordable, enabling you to enjoy maximum conference experiences cost effectively. There are a number of benefits that come with using a video conferencing system in your business , some of which include :

  • Training employees: Using video conferencing to train employees on new tasks can help improve active participation and knowledge while reducing the costs. No longer have you needed to send your new employees to head office for the training.
  • Cutting down on costs incurred : The savings that can be achieved by conducting video conferencing is enormous. The enterprises using the video conferencing facility can enjoy a substantial saving on travel costs.
  • Enhanced productivity among the customers, employees, and administrative teams. It brings a competitive advantage over your rivals.
  • Video conferencing is an excellent source of knowledge sharing, social interaction, and content sharing.

If your business requires a revamping of your current video conferencing systems or to implement new video conferencing systems, we are here to help you with Logitech Video solutions in Kenya. Get in touch with us for more details.

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