Logitech Rally Camera 4K – PTZ Nairobi, Kenya


Logitech Rally Camera Kenya

With premium industrial design and an Ultra-HD imaging system, Rally Camera tops the lineup of standalone video cameras from Logitech®. Packed with advanced optics and breakthrough technologies, Rally Camera delivers premium performance in professional meeting spaces of all shapes and sizes. With whisper-quiet mechanical Pan/Tilt/Zoom, razor-sharp 15X HD zoom, expansive 90° diagonal field of view, and powerful 4K sensor, Rally Camera captures every person in the room with truly phenomenal video quality.


Logitech Rally Camera 4K Nairobi, Mombasa – Kenya

Built with an industrial sleek design and an Ultra High Definition imaging system, the Logitech Rally 4K camera stands out amongst all other video cameras from Logitech®. It enjoys clear optics that ensure the video conferencing camera delivers spectacular views of all the happenings in the conference, regardless of the size and shape of your room. The Logitech Rally 4K video conferencing camera uses its advanced Pan/Tilt/Zoom, sharp 15× HD zoom, extensive 90° diagonal Field of View and strong 4K sensor to capture every participant in the room in crystal clear high video resolution.

The 4K sensor together with Logitech’s crystal clear optics merge together into the Logitech Rally 4K camera to suit meetings in all professional settings. The camera’s external finish comprises of a luxurious matte black with slate gray metal trim, making it a sight to behold and a focal point of any room. You can position the device on a table, mount on a tripod or pin to the wall with enhanced hardware. When doing an overhead installation, the Logitech Rally 4K camera detects when it is inverted and automatically corrects image orientations as well as other camera controls, giving you a premium meeting experience.

The Logitech Rally 4K Camera  is compatible with most cloud-based, USB-ready video conferencing applications such as Skype, Cisco, Zoom, BroadSoft, GoToMeeting, Vidyo, and more. The camera connects to Mac, Windows, or Chrome systems via the included USB 3.0 Type-C cable, and it is controlled by the included RF remote control. Also included with the camera is a mounting bracket with mounting hardware. The camera can be mounted in any configuration and will auto-flip the inverted image to the proper orientation.

Logitech Rally Camera Dubai

Logitech Rally Camera 4k PTZ Kenya


Perfect Framing :

The technologically advanced Logitech Rally 4K video conferencing camera uses its RightSight™ camera control technique to automatically move and adjust the lens to capture and frame all participants on location, regardless of the size and shape of the room.

Ultra-High Definition Video Resolution :

The Logitech Rally 4K video conferencing camera captures up to 4K video at 30 frames per second, making it ideal for studio quality recording and streaming. Its Ultra HD imaging system delivers clear and sharp video with picture perfect colors and an out-of-the world optical accuracy at very clear and high quality image resolutions(4K).

User-Friendly Experience :

The RightSense and RightSight techniques are incorporated into the Logitech Rally 4K camera to generate an easy and amazing user experience. The RightSight feature adjusts the camera lens to perfectly frame the participants no matter how far they are from the unit. The RightLight techniques on the other hand optimizes light balance and singles out faces over other objects to result in natural and even skin tones. The Logitech Rally 4K camera is compatible with any cloud-based video conferencing application available.

Enhanced Privacy :

When the Logitech Rally 4K camera is not in use, its lens adjusts to a parked position by facing down. This is assurance that the camera is unable to “see” anything in the room when not in use. At the start of your meeting, the lens lifts to a preset position and automatically parks at the end of the meeting. Furthermore, when you mute video during a meeting, a status light blinks red to assure you of your much needed visual privacy.

Plug-and-Play :

The Logitech Rally 4K camera connects easily via USB with any compatible video conferencing, recording, and broadcasting application that supports USB cameras. Connect to power (regional plugs included) and to PC, Mac and Chrome™ devices using a USB cable.

Adaptive Pan, Tilt, and Zoom :

Without any sound at all, the PTZ motorized Logitech Rally 4K camera adjusts, pan and tilts at a fast pace to match with the zoom speed, resulting in faster camera movement when zoomed out for quick framing and slower camera movement when zoomed in for more control.

Light/Color Balance :

The Logitech Rally 4K camera uses its advanced RightLight technology and Wide Range Dynamics (WDR) to single out faces, leaving out other objects and surfaces, optimize light balance and adjust color and image saturation thereby providing you with natural and even tones across all skin types. The end product is a balanced image that ensures every participant is clearly seen even in low light conditions without motion blur or pixilation.

Many Installation Options :

Installation and operation of the Logitech Rally 4K video conferencing camera has been made easier, turning you into an expert even with zero or basic knowledge in technical skills. The camera comes with a quick start guide which gives a step by step direction on how to set up and operate. You can position your Logitech Rally 4K camera on a table or on a wall mount with included hardware or attach to a VESA-compatible display with the optional TV Mount for Meet-Up. If doing a ceiling installation, the Logitech Rally 4K camera detects when its inverted and corrects the image orientation and camera controls right away without wasting much time. It also comes with a tripod thread to further enhance flexibility during installation and operation, making setting up a breeze.





Rally camera Height × Width × Depth :

182.5mm × 152mm × 152mm

Rally Camera Power Splitter Height × Width × Depth :

21.4mm × 81mm × 60.5mm

Rally Camera Mounting Bracket Height × Width × Depth

88mm × 110mm × 170mm

USB 3.0 Cable 2.2mm
Power Adapter Cable 3mm


Operating Systems Windows® 7, 8.1 or 10

MacOS 10.10 or higher

Resolutions Higher than 1080p Windows 8.1 or higher or macOS 10.10 or higher

USB 3.0 port and Type – C cable

Compatible Software

Additional software RightSight automatic camera control^1


Camera Ultra – HD imaging system supports:

–          4K ,1440p, 1080p,900p, 720p, and SD at 30 fps

–          1080p, 720p at 30fps and 60fps

Smooth motorized pan, zoom and tilt

–          Pan : ±90°

–          Tilt : +50°/ -90°

–          15× HD Zoom

Field of View :

–          Diagonal : 90°

–          Horizontal : 82.1°

–          Vertical : 52.2°

RightSense Technologies RightLight with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

RightSight automatic camera control^2

Remote Control RF remote control (line of sight not required)

CR2032 battery (included)

Cables/Power Ac power adapter with regional plugs

Power cable (9.8ft /3 m)

Mount Invertible wall mount with power splitter bay and cable management
Compatibility and Certifications Plug-and-Play USB connectivity
Certified for Skype for Business and ready for Teams

Zoom certified

Fuze certified

Cisco compatible

Compatible with Google Hangouts Meet, BlueJeans, BroadSoft, GoToMeeting, Vidyo and other video conferencing, recording and broadcasting applications that support USB cameras
Others –          Autofocus

–          3 camera presets

–          Kensington security slot

–          Video mute/unmute LED indicator

–          Standard tripod thread

Package Contents

  • Rally camera
  • Remote control
  • USB 3.0 Type – C cable
  • Power adapter with regional plugs
  • Power splitter and case
  • Camera mount with mounting hardware
  • Documentation


Warranty information

  • 2 – year Limited Hardware Warranty

Part Number

PN : 960 -001227