LG Ericsson Phone System Kenya

LG – Electronics in partnership with Ericsson provides innovative technology and business communication solutions. An enterprise can boost their revenue, cut down operational costs, enhance customer care, and maximize productivity using Lg Ericsson Phone System.

Ericsson-LG focuses on the subsequent core values when delivering business communications solutions;

  • Convergence – Lg Phone System meets customer’s needs for converged services, including voice capabilities, application suites, data networking, and management tools.
  • Compatibility – Lg-Ericsson protects your investments through feature enhancements within your existing environment as well as the seamless migration to the converged IP world in the event it works the best for your company.
  • Efficiency – Lg PBX System offers total solutions, including management platforms for UC, Mobility, and Security that are built to improve efficiency.
  • Innovative – The LG PBX System innovative technology enables easy expansion either in features or system capabilities because your Business needs change.


Lg Ericsson Pbx Kenya Nairobi

Ericsson-LG enables you to outdo your competitors in business by delivering effective communication solutions which serve the needs and requirements of your business. Vector Digitals, an IT company based in Nairobi, Kenya offers support and services in LG-Ericsson IPECS telephone systems. We offer a wide variety of services in installation and system relocation,adds moves and changes, system upgrades, additional handsets and expansion modules, maintenance and, support, including remote support. The Ericsson-LG iPECS Platform phone system is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with three or more business phones .iPEC (IP Enterprise Communication Solutions) provides a complete product line-up to supply business-class unified communications solutions. Apart from voice and data solutions, iPECS also offers a range of bolt-on applications such as the icall suite and iPECS Communicator to offer enhanced call management functionality to meet the needs of any business.Lg telephone System Kenya is a complete, cost-effective communications solution. The iPECS makes full use of its efficient features to enhance user experience. It’s also highly scalable; therefore, it can grow as the business grows.

LG IPECS Telephone System

Lg Ip Pbx System KenyaLG – Ericsson specifically designed the iPECS PBX System with small and medium – sized businesses in mind. It is ergonomically built with a modular design, such that as a business grows, it advances with a  completely distributed IP architecture.LG Ericsson provides your Business with the latest productivity tools and communication applications that can be used anywhere, where ever your offices or staff are located.In the middle of the iPECS platform is the iPECS Call Server. This highly reliable purpose – built Call Server controls and maintains communications between end-points and shared network resources. It’s available in four size configurations (50, 100, 300 and 600 ports) to fit your business requirements. And if your business is spread across several office locations up to 70 Call Servers can be networked together supporting features including unified numbering plan, centralized attendant increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of inter-office connectivity communications.

LG Ericsson Phones

Lg Phones Kenya NairobiiPECS features a wide selection of user desk-top terminals. The LIP 8000 series includes four handset models and four types of DSS Consoles to supply a solution tailored for the needs of every user. From the LIP-8004D basic lobby phone to the Executive LIP-8040L, the LIP-8000 terminals are simple to use yet feature-rich. Users quickly learn to make use of the LIP phone because of one button operations and easy to use features, for example, the navigation and soft-menu keys. The full-duplex HD quality speakerphone generally in most models enable users to converse on hands-free mode, assured of the most effective communication through advanced VoIP technology. The LIP-8000 terminals can connect anywhere a LAN connection exists and offer the IEEE 802.11af Power-over-Ethernet standard, so a different power connection is not needed.

We offer scalable LG Ericcson Office Phone Systems which are equipped with advanced features including SIP compliance and wireless connection. Our telephone products support all communication methods such as IP, TDM, Video, Wired or Wireless, and  SIP Protocol. We have an assortment of  office telephone systems which best suits your business within Nairobi, Kenya. Our highly skilled team of technicians assist you in installation and deployment of your preferred  LG-Ericsson office telephone system while adhering to the highest standards of configuration and orientation. Contact Vector Kenya today for your Office Phone System Installation or Buying your Telephone Products in Eldoret, Kenya. You can access our services in various towns in Kenya including, Eldoret, Mombasa, Nairobi ,and Kisumu.

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