Grandstream Dect phones

The use of cordless phones in small and medium businesses have become global and basic now. DECT is a wireless technology that is now being accepted globally to make the communication possible with different networks like the PSTN, ISDN, etc.…So it has become an adaptable option for the small and business organizations to have a refined and enhanced communication. With the rise of this technology, so many application markets for the DECT have begun to materialize, and indeed in some cases, it is established even.

As the DECT finds its use in Wireless PABX application, it offers greater flexibility in implementing a wireless (cordless) telephone system in Nairobi in a typical factory or warehouses. An incoming call for a given handset is automatically channeled to the correct handset where ever you are in the premise range. As the user moves around within the range of wireless base stations, the call can be handed over without interruption or break. This wireless solution has found its real success in many realms like warehouses, hospitals, customer care industry, etc

Part of the DECT phone family, the Grandstream cordless products, offers a convenient and viable explanation to your business environment. They feature a handy design including the shared line mode, following telephony features, multiple SIP accounts, and more. The Grandstream DECT set is your perfect partner in the high demanding working environments where it provides an unmatched level of communication.

The Grandstream DP750 Dect Base Station and Grandstream DP720 Dect Phone System products are a new addition to the family. The Grandstream DP750 is a base station with long-range capability up to 300 meters outdoor and 50 meters indoor. The DP750 Base station hosts up to 5 DP720  DECT handsets. If you want mobility, Grandstream Dect phones are the perfect addition to your office telephone system in Kenya in Nairobi as well as the home telephone system in Nairobi.

Package : Base Only
Package : Dect Phone Only
Package : Base Station & Phone
Package : Dect Phone Only

Plan and implement Grandstream Dect Phones with Vector Digitals Kenya

Vector digital systems enables your organization with ultimate communication experience through the implementation of Grandstream DECT phone systems. Specialized in shaping the infrastructure our services encompasses the successful planning, customization and integration with the telecommunication standards in Nairobi, Kenya, thus streamlining your business to new level. The fruitful commissioning of the multitude of VOIP projects across Kenya and its counties such as Kiambu, Nakuru, Kilifi, Narok and many more to extensive clientele underpins the success of our company.

Features/Grandstream DECT handsets:

  • Shared line mode
  • Advanced Telephony Features
  • DECT authentication.
  • Voice Conferencing
  • Cutting edge encryption security
  • Support of Automated provisioning Options
  • It makes communication easy.
  • Quality Voice
  • Wide range of Coverage
  • Compliant with SIP standards

The features mentioned here will vary to the models available. The cordless phones are available with the wireless base station. Providing the utmost range, the family of Grandstream cordless sets and base stations has what it takes to bring better communication to your workforce within your working environment.

Grandstream DP720 & DP750 Dect Phone

Why Vector Digitals for VOIP solutions

Apart from implementing the cordless solutions in Kenya, we are also providing various VOIP solutions to make your workplace more adaptive and productive with the trusted Enterprise IP products, DECT Phones, Conferencing systems, and more. Get in touch with us for powerful Cordless solutions using DECT technology in Kenya. As the leading consultants in offering IP telephony systems in Kenya, we deal with both voice and video conferencing solutions to all businesses in Eldoret as well. Your search ends here for the best VOIP provider in Kenya as we completely understand the company and the workflow.

Depending to the varied needs, be it for home use or business purpose, we design, install, implement the cordless systems and conference systems that suits your environment. The other DECT phone systems we offer include RTX DECT phones, Yealink DECT phones and Panasonic DECT phones.

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