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Information technology is very essential in the modern way of life. Technology is very vital in business in achieving set goals and objectives. For a business to stand out in a competitive market, it has to utilize technology in its daily activities. VDS Technology Kenya delivers a variety of IT solutions to meet your business IT needs. We develop strategies to provide the best support and solutions for both small and large businesses. Vector Kenya effectively manages your IT infrastructure so as to satisfy the requirements of your company as it grows.

Managed It Services Kenya

There are so many IT Companies in Kenya which offer managed IT services, thus giving business owners the freedom of choosing an expert in the provision of IT services in the market. It is therefore important to identify a sustainable and practical method to enhance productivity while strengthening organizational agility so as to meet the needs of customers effectively.  It may be quite challenging for many organisations to create and deliver such solutions. Vector Digital Kenya is a well experienced and highly ranked dealer in IT services to many companies in Kenya. Vector Kenya transforms your business by empowering it with the right IT services. We offer a wide range of services including network infrastructure, web development, managed hosting, security, data storage, wireless solutions, cloud migration, business mail and application support.Vector provides complete solutions which suit your  information technology requirements. We provide an extensive range of service options to small, medium, and large businesses to assist manage their IT support services.

Our Services

IT solutions we deliver in Kenya are in the best interests of the business as to the standards of both services and outcomes. Our highly-skilled IT experts work efficiently in offering you the finest that stands out the most. We start from the understanding your wants and needs in detail.

Bringing simplicity to your business with the trusted systems, we offer state of the art solutions to your business including the Server solutions, Network Solutions, Network Security, storage solutions, cloud solutions, Backup solutions, Enterprise mail solutions, Wireless Solutions, Network Cabling and other services.

Server Solutions: In a business environment, the management of applications is as important as managing your business. With a proper server solution, the jobs can be easily handled in a productive way. Our server management in Kenya is fine-tuned for your end-to-end business technology solutions. It includes the solutions and support on all versions of Microsoft servers (2003, 2008, and 2012) and Linux based servers.

Network Solutions: We have proved our expertise in implementing complex network solutions in Kenya across a wide range of clients. Our solutions would cover all most all the networking areas comprising of Switching, Firewalls, Servers, Storage, and Structured Cabling. Our efficiency in integrating the network infrastructure with the products from Cisco, HP, Dlink, Sonic Wall, Juniper, and Fortinet makes us the best network solution provider in Kenya.

Network Security: We are the leading Network security provider in Kenya. From medium businesses to global enterprises, we work with many customers across Eldoret and entire Kenya to resolve their network security concerns, increases support, and help to move their business forward. If you are in search of reliable security drives, our solutions are packed with various security services that act as the watchdog for your organization with a focus on new security applications.

Storage Solutions: We empower users to have access to their information. They can upload, download, back up, and access their files. We offer a range of data storage services, including various physical and cloud storage options. With the extensive delivery of prompt assistance to various organizations, we have been labeled as the best storage solution provider in Kenya.

Cloud Solutions: If you are looking for a secured and reliable cloud solutions, we can design and implement the best solutions for your business infrastructure. As the leading experts, we would be able to get maximum advantage from this approach by delivering the most integrated Cloud solutions in Kenya

Backup Solution: We are the leading backup solutions provider in Kenya. We ensure that your data is housed in a safer place. By performing reliable regular backups of critical and non-critical data that are important, we follow a routine of data protection defined by clear-cut and methodical backup policies and approaches. With the trusted backup features, we employ methods that work well in merely recovering the data, even in case of any storage or server failure.

Enterprise Mail: We strive to enable organizations to plan and build their business mailing systems as per the needs with the leading email platforms from Microsoft, Google, and other providers. Most of the organizations rely on the messaging systems for their communications. As a trusted partner for your infrastructure, we deliver on-premise hybrid and clouds based enterprise email solutions in Kenya.

Wireless Solutions: We offer a wide range of wireless solutions to your organization. Our wireless solutions in Kenya provide a platform for accessing the enterprise application and data, and it makes way for new businesses by getting access to voice, real-time information, company databases, email applications, and the other critical information.

Network Cabling: We offer full-service network cabling solutions with the resource to design and implement structured cabling in Nairobi, Kenya. We are specialized in providing network cabling service throughout a business involve cable laying, installation of connector -faceplates, Network cabinets, and Testing of cables. The solutions include the fiber and copper network cabling that is needed to connect data and voice across the Local Area Network.

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