RTX DECT Phone Kenya

The number of businesses using cordless system solutions is rising over years. Like other technologies, DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) has greatly advanced. DECT is gaining so much popularity with many businesses including hospitals, hotel industries, as well as many other small and medium businesses. Its performance and efficiency is the major drive for cordless phones. Primarily designed for to use in the short range, it can be used as an access mechanism to the main networks and can as well connect to the IP PBX.

There are multiple options available in choosing the DECT/Cordless phones, which is why choosing the right phone from the variety may be quite a daunting task. An excellent phone offers maximum convenience in terms of operational factors and economic value.

Rtx Dect

RTX Dect Wireless/Cordless Telephone system

An RTX Dect phone is the ideal solution for an organization or individual that wishes to increase productivity in their business. RTX wireless systems offer wholesome solutions to small and medium enterprises, therefore resulting in an outstanding performance and efficiency. RTX wireless phone system has a base station that supports wideband audio functionality, resulting in crystal clear conversations.Some of the benefits of using an RTX DECT wireless telephone system include seamless delivery, high quality audio, and repeater support.

Discover with VDS Technology Kenya.

Vector Digital System’s cordless system integration planning and deployment can take your business to new higher  levels. You will be excited to see our level of commitment to deliver the cordless systems you are looking for in Kenya. As the leading VoIP consultants we assist you in planning, discovering and implementing the wireless systems of all sizes and complexities.

The features of RTX Dect handsets:

  • Noise reduction
  • Shockproof
  • High Definition Audio Support
  • Wideband Speaker Phone (RTX840 SIP Cordless set)
  • Vibrator
  • Phone book
  • Software upgrade
  • Handover Support (external/internal)
  • Caller ID

Various models are available with the RTX Dect series.

Hunting for a feasible Wireless/Cordless systems in Kenya?

Our IP solutions are pretty straight forward and robust. To make sure an extreme and excellent performance, we offer comprehensive cordless solutions to meet your business requirements. These are generally carried out by our experts that includes the pre-emptive identification, planning, analysis and deployment of the system. The solutions are designed to be as flexible and the solutions being accessible, it can be easily upgraded as per your requirements.

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