Call Center Solutions & Phone Systems Kenya

Handling sales and delivering excellent customer service requires a reliable and effective call center solutions. We offer call center phone systems that enable you to make faster calls and save time. This not only enhances communication in the office, but also boosts productivity of your employees.

Call Center System Kenya


An effective call system enables you to supervise your workers and gauge each individual worker’s performance then give solutions that could lead to their improvement. For over six solid years, Vector Kenya has been a leading provider of call center solutions for a wide range of businesses including, mortgage industry, Debt Collection, Hospitality sector, and many others. We offer the most reliable solutions that meet all the communication needs of your business. Our professional team gives you training and guidance on how to build meaningful connections and relationships with business partners and clients, therefore expanding your business.

The call center solutions we offer enable you to receive and send a large amount of telephone requests at once.A company runs a call center so as to support any new product or handle inquiries about products from customers. Outgoing calls majorly involve marketing whereby a client follows up calls, or the process of debt collection. A contact center on the other hand oversees collective handling of letters, faxes, and e-mails in one location.Vector Kenya not only offers small scale call center solutions to your organization, but also offers extensive and  large scale call center solutions; involving a minimum number of agents as two in a single shift, to hundreds of agents in multiple shifts.Boasting of high reliability and performance, our call center solutions enable you to boost productivity in your business environment.