Digium Switchvox Kenya

The business world is moving faster than ever before.  The companies do one thing to stay on top – To communicate better faster and smarter. How your business is interconnected within your organization and how it connects is vital for a smooth operation. The phone system you employ could be a major step for better business.  Looking for a phone system that serves small and medium businesses is a daunting task. Most of the clients want their system to be inclusive of all operational features at a reasonable tariff that helps businesses grow.

If you are in search of a phone system that works well in tune with your needs, then Digium switchvox is the answer. More than just a phone system switchvox delivers multi-functions that could transform your business connections.

Are you looking for the best phone system in Kenya?

Vector digital systems in Kenya are a fast-growing VOIP solution company in Kenya and the distributor of significant company’s telephone products. Based in Kenya, we provide services for designing, configuring, and installing IP PBX solutions with Digium Switchvox. Most of the IP PBX solution is resolved with Switchvox – it makes it easier for your business to connect. Moreover, it is affordable too.

Digium Switchvox Ippbx NairobiWhy is Switchvox powerful?

As it is more than just the phone system, it delivers the unified voicemail to messaging, caller ID and Calls history, mobility, reliable VOIP, and the traditional calls. The switchvox is manufactured on the latest technologies that permit better call handling and enterprise-level phone system features.

It doesn’t matter the arrangement option you need, covered with all the features Digium switchvox delivers it perfect that fits your budget. It is very ideal for small offices or home offices that require a specialized phone system.

More features that really matter:

  • Best value: Investment is a major part of any business, and surely value could be of the highest importance. Easily incorporated with the existing network and systems and with a solid foundation for gaining more customers, the value of Switchvox is outstanding for the small and medium businesses.
  • All-in-one: The features call queues, IVR’s, Presence, mobility and more make the Switchvox a good choice for the customers
  • Easy to use: Switchvox is easy to handle with a point and click GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • Smooth communication: It offers hassle-free communication, thus saving you valuable time.

We are committed to offering quality IP PBX solutions to your venture that is ready to implement the latest technologies in the telephone system in Nairobi. The advantage of adding the standard software, media servers, gateways, and the application server reduces the cost. Our IP PBX solution through Switchvox offers your telephony environment a new life by easily integrating inter-office and intraoffice communication very effectively.

We encompass IP PBX solutions across wide realms such as the Education sector, Government, Healthcare industry, Corporates, and much more.

Many organizations in Kenya rely on Digium Switchvox to stay modest and improve efficiency. Now it’s time to remove your legacy telephone system in Nairobi and switch over to Switchvox for a better business growth.

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