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If your website and is now ready for launching, the next step is to simply publish it using a hosting service so that anyone can  search and find it on the internet. A website is simply a group of files such as images, flash files, PHP files, HTML files and many more that are put on a computer which is connected to the web . The computer in this case is therefore the server or web server. Once someone types in your web address, the internet connects to the web server where it is holding the uploaded files then transfers your website to the computer. Web hosting entails managing servers, security, support, bandwidth and many other functions.

Vector Digital Services based in Nairobi, Kenya is an expert in the provision of Web Hosting services and other IT services. The servers we employ for web hosting services are configured on Linux and Windows platforms.

Multitude of web hosting plans

Every client has different needs and therefore require different hosting plans and solutions. We have different packages that are designed to meet the varying needs of different customers. Kindly feel free to contact us for your web hosting needs so that we can come up with the best strategy, regardless of your hosting needs and requirements.

Choosing the web hosting platform.

The decision on whether to choose Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting is greatly determined by the needs of your website. If your website is designed with the Microsoft technologies it’s convenient for you to choose the Windows web hosting package. Websites that have been developed using open source languages like PHP backed with MySQL and for simple websites that do not have any special requirements work perfectly with the Linux Hosting Package.

We are always with you

Whether you are a tech savvy or a novice with your website of your own, we are here to assist you at every step from domain name registration to web hosting services.

Domain names

Before you go for the hosting solutions, you should have domain which ensures that your website can be found on the internet. It is your company’s internet address which is used to locate your website. Choose a domain name that stands close to your business and relevant.

The types of web hosting we offer includes the Dedicated hosting, Shared hosting and Cloud Hosting:

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the common type of hosting and also is the easiest. It is the service where one server is shared among many clients. It’s an efficient way to host a website or application where the hosting company is responsible for any maintenance and updates.

Some of its advantages include:

  • It’s Cheaper: you are not required to pay for the whole server.
  • Easier to use: The server is pre-configured and can be well maintained.
  • Easier to maintain: You do not need to worry about the technical issues of the server.
  • Management is easy: You will get an application to manage the website.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting offers a reliability and scalability as compared to other hosting services. Cloud hosting involves several servers which combine to work together and store data similarly. Processing like this guarantees the security of your data with an impeccable experience to your website users. Combined together it acts like a supercomputer.

Advantages :

  • Integrate advanced hosting technologies.
  • Allows your files to be stored on different servers.
  • Data integrity is assured.
  • Dynamically scalable.

Dedicated Hosting

In dedicated hosting a server is fully dedicated to a website. The server will not be shared with any one and therefore an organization or business will have the full control of the server. It offers hassle – free working experience of the websites. It comes with many advantages such as :

  • High performance
  • Security
  • Control
  • Speed and accessibility
  • Technical assistance
  • Unique IP address
  • Hassle free administration and maintenance of server

It is highly suitable for the websites having huge traffic.

Choose the right hosting plan with the trusted, reliable and the best hosting company in Kenya.

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