Why companies need Data Storage?

We live in times where data is the primary and permanent asset. Applications may come and go but data is here to stay as there is always a need to create, rely on, and consume data, which should always be accessible when required.Data is basically a piece of information which could be organized or non-organized, and is stored in a cloud or data center. It is the basis of any business or organization, which is why it is essential to secure data. Data may be provided through information-enabled services which link applications,hardware,servers, and  software storage resources.

Companies and Businesses should responsibly secure their data by providing safe storage for the data. Putting a good storage plan in place is also essential. Guarding data by availing backup facilities and common sense are such an ignorant methods which can be used by fraudulent people to retrieve data. This is why the use of effective data storage solutions to store data by organizations is very important.

Why choose us?

Data processing and storage continuously goes up with many organizations and businesses seeking to achieve well-refined and advanced data storage solutions which are cost effective and have minimal risks of vulnerabilities and compromises.

Storing information in a backup device or cloud allows for automatic preservation and protection of your data. Vector Digital Kenya boasts of reliable data storage plans which incorporate IT resources and modern management technologies to enable data storage in Nairobi, Kenya. We deliver cutting edge solutions in managing and storing vital data.

Our storage plans and solutions efficiently manage, deliver, capture, and protect data with greater performance and economics.  Choosing  our data storage plan  allows your businesses to access the right data at the right time.

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Users can easily access their data and even use it in various processes  such as uploading it, downloading, and backup, using our effective data storage plans. We at Vector Digital Kenya provide a variety of data storage services including various physical and cloud storage options to many clients such as government agencies, small to medium-sized businesses, organizations, and different industries. Our data storage services are mainly categorized depending on the capacity and sensitivity of their storage data.

Taking the right decision

Data Storage needs vary in different organizations and businesses, which brings in the need to formulate a strategy  that works well with the budget of the company and its functionality. Our highly professional experts will assist you in devising an effective data management strategy which is based on client information which includes:

  • Know the client’s data, volume, and budget
  • Understanding client needs.
  • Multi structured data
  • How soon the client needs the backup
  • How long the client need to retain data

Varied Storage solutions for your Businesses

Large volumes of data are being produced through modern businesses, prompting the need for more data storage options. As a result, many small businesses are shifting from old ways of occasional backup to the most commonly used storage management.

When it comes to data storage in Kenya, we understand that our clients have wide scope of needs. To cater to their storage needs, we have different storage services that would efficiently manage the data on servers, and it also helps them to retrieve when it requires the most. With our cloud-based and network-attached storage solutions, clients can access their data distantly and locally as well. The information on the cloud storage can be accessed via the client’s online cloud account.

So it’s time for you to think of the best data storage plan that keeps your vital business data, employee data, customer data and other important data safe. Thus in vector digital systems clients never feel restricted to using the type of storage device they want. We take extra care and more by providing full security to your wealth of data, so that your work will never be negotiated.

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