Telephone Outlook Integration Kenya

Sometimes it is impossible for businesses to conduct face-to-face meetings as they would have preferred. This is exactly where the use of conference calls comes in handy. Communications can also be made through emails, telephone calls or any other available means. Conference calls and email communications have become necessary for many businesses as they allow for connection with customers and partners. With many teams working remotely, many businesses heavily rely on technology for communication. Implementing the use of technology in businesses comes with so many benefits.

The introduction of Email clients has made it easier to use online communication. It provides the way for an easy communication in the business world. In addition to its email features outlook offers several features like the calendar, to-do-list and the compatibility with the exchange server. One can configure the outlook express to check your Gmail or Hotmail account as it were a normal account.

Now the business communication has shifted to much better technology. It has become more productive with Microsoft Outlook with all the communications being integrated with your telephone.

Integration of telephone with Microsoft Outlook made easy

Vector digital systems in Kenya is dedicated in offering its clients a vast array of IT solutions and Telephone solutions across Kenya. Over years, our technology driven advanced solutions have transformed the business communication through a comprehensive way of integrated solutions in the domain of Telecom and IT.

Be ready to shift your paradigm in the email communication

We offer solutions that allows you to connect your Outlook Contacts through the phone. The outlook integration makes it possible to make calls to any outlook contacts and show the caller’s details as soon as your phone rings. It also enables you to view a contact, add the information and details, and record what you have discussed. Furthermore, it allows you to make calls, send messages and see the contact’s current status from the outlook window.

This smart means of communication leaves an imprint among your clients on how you not miss an information. The computer telephone integration for Outlook takes your email client (Microsoft Outlook) to a powerful business tool.

The benefits of integrating your telephone system in Nairobi with Microsoft Outlook include:

  • Increases productivity
  • Boosts workgroup and personal efficiency.
  • Brings in more communication with colleagues, customers and friends.
  • Promotes user engagement using your telephone flawlessly with the integration of Outlook.
  • Improves your brand recognition.
  • Call history
  • Automatic Update features
  • Call notification

Our CRM Telephony Integration solutions are designed to be both scalable and reliable so as to meet the needs and requirements of today’s business environments. We have telephone products to support all the communication methods like IP, TDM, Video, Wired or Wireless and SIP Protocol as well as integrate with your business software.

We have a wide variety of office telephone systems in Nairobi, Kenya and you can therefore choose one that best suits the needs of your business. We also offer efficient services in deployment and installation of telephone systems. Vector Kenya offer high-tech installation service for Advance Telephone Systems and VoIP Phones in Eldoret , Kenya.

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