FXS VoIP Gateway Kenya

Nobody wants to experience interrupted services during communication.Smooth communications yield better results in business. The conventional telephone system is regulated, and offers poor service and poor frequency utilization, thus costing the company a lot of money. Companies can therefore convert losses into gains by embracing the modern VoIP System which enhances communication in business using its advanced features.VoIP  Gateways are crucial in any organization’s communication plans to connect with the outer world since they enhance integration of existing analog PBX Systems to VoIP systems.

The FXS gateway  connects analog devices to VoIP PBX Systems, thus making it easy to make and receive calls in offices. It also connects different multiple branch offices, thus proving to be an affordable communications means. The FXS VoIP Gateway is equipped with an advanced feature known as the least – cost routing (LCR) which means choosing a path of outbound communication traffic depending on the lowest available cost for a given route. This feature significantly reduces office expenses incurred on phone bills. It also enables a user to select the highest quality and lowest cost routes for originating and terminating communication traffic.


FXS gateway solutions in Kenya with VDS Technology Kenya

VDS Technology Kenya is involved in organizing and installing scalable and flexible FXS gateway solutions in Kenya to a wide range of companies, including the financial institutions, Insurance sector, IT companies, call centers, and more. We deliver solutions to maintain perfect and smooth communications solutions that can be well integrated with the IP PBX systems through the gateways.

The advantages of using an FXS VoIP Gateway include:

  • Interoperability with SIP providers
  • Caller ID
  • Remote management possible
  • Superb audio quality
  • Secured protection
  • Comfort Noise generation
  • Easy calling rules
  • Compatible with prominent software such as Broadsoft, Elastix, etc.…
  • Silent operation

FXS gateways are worth to your organization as it enables us to create a cost-effective telephone system in Nairobi and VOIP communications without affecting your existing analog and conventional methods.

Your business is not about being trapped in the hamster wheel working to pay the hefty bills

Our main aim is to enable you enjoy unlimited communications at a relatively cheap price so as to enhance growth in your  business. Consult VDS Kenya for reliable integration of your existing systems to IP PBX systems or deployment of new FXS Gateway solutions in your office. The branded FXS Gateways that we offer are equipped wit the most advanced features in order to deliver smooth and unlimited communication experience.

As the professionals in providing IP telephony solutions in Kenya, we identify what you want and what you expect from us. By proposing the best VOIP solutions with world-class products, along with the experts, we excel as the leaders in the market.

Feel free to get in touch with us to know on FXO and FXS gateway solutions in Kenya that can well integrate with your existing telephone system in Nairobi. We will be much delighted to offer you a help in implementing the infrastructure you have always desired.

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