Huawei Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing has gained much popularity with organizations since it is a strong tool for communication. Video conferencing not only offers its users financial benefits, but also enables them minimize health risks associated with crowds in physical meetings. Companies can use video conferencing solutions to connect with their clients, investors, workers, and members of the management board, irrespective of their different geographical locations.

Video conferencing a promised growth

Huawei Video Conferencing System KenyaNowadays one does not have to travel in order to attend business meetings and conferences whose venue may be located miles away. Video conferencing allows them to attend the conference and participate fully in a life-like experience from any remote location. This in turn helps the organization in reducing operational costs since travel expenses are completely eliminated. It also saves time as well as maximize the productivity of workers.

Video conferencing has had a significant impact on the way communication in business occurs. It is an instant method of communication, thus saving time. All a user has to do is to join the meeting using a shared link. They are also free to create a meeting so that other participants can join and share their opinions and thoughts concerning the subject matter. Businesses that therefore invest in video conferencing solutions reap so many benefits by using it. It is an efficient tool of communication that enhances growth in business.

Video conferencing solutions in Kenya

VDS Technology Kenya is well known for deploying conferencing systems in Kenya from one of the world’s top brands known as Huawei. Our professional competence in the pitch of communication infrastructure has made us the best telephony solution provider in Kenya. With many years of involvement in the communication domain, we have proved our meticulous in planning, designing, and installation of world-class multi-video conferencing products as well.

Huawei Video Conferencing system

Huawei Video conferencing systems are designed for the new age communication, where decision making and instant communication are of great value. Featured with High Definition, security and reliability, and maximum interoperability, the Huawei series of video conferencing systems are undoubtedly  the best investment an organization can make. It finds its use in a wide range of applications where extensive interaction and communication are needed covering the verticals of healthcare, IT companies, Corporates, Financial, and educational institutions.

The advantages of using Huawei Video Conferencing system include :

  • Decreases travel costs
  • Enhances productivity and efficiency
  • Speed up the decision-making
  • Excellent Interoperability with other products
  • Intelligent Voice Dialing
  • Wi-Fi Support
  • IPV4/6 Support
  • Support SVC (Scalable Video coding)
  • Smooth conferencing
  • Network flexibility
  • Quality Video and Audio reproduction
  • True to life conferencing

Huawei Video Conference Mombasa KenyaMany enterprises succeed with us

Organizations in Kenya that have used Huawei video conferencing systems have witnessed growth in the way communication occurs. We build the conferencing systems by foreseeing the video requirements of the company, and the system is designed and developed in tune with your network infrastructure and management. We make sure that the established system fulfills the management functions and improves communication efficiency.

Go with the leader in Communication technology

We propose a platform for the High definition video conferencing that would maintain a productive collaboration. Relying on the cutting techniques and tools, we have solved many issues faced by the companies. By working with us, you now have a worldwide platform collaboration.

If you wish to advance your video conferencing needs or to establish new infrastructure in Kenya, we support you in developing a class system with the leader in communication technology. We recommend a feasible solution that develops productive relationships among clients, investors, and other teams. Video conferencing allows a more flexible and sophisticated approach to communication in the comfort of your room.

Be ready to accept the wave of change in Kenya. We can better serve you for all your communication needs.

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