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The VoIP Gateway in Nairobi is an important element of the VoIP system. It mainly determines how functionalities such as call handling and routing architecture of the communication system. A business can invest in a VoIP Gateway so as to enjoy smooth operations in the office. A VoIP Gateway is an asset to a business that wishes to enhance productivity and achieve better results.

VoIP installation should be carried out as simple as possible since it determines the performance and functionality of  VoIP gateway.  Any inconsistencies in the power and the cabling structure can cause malfunctions in the system, leading to low output and poor productivity. It should be installed in such a manner that it should work properly if the main source of power goes down or in case of a technical glitch.It is therefore very important to choose a good VoIP gateway solution for your business.

Though most of the VoIP gateways are reliable, they are still susceptible to many issues that many systems face like the electrical problems, configuration issues, and many other outside factors. Choosing an experienced solution provider is the best option so as to minimize the issues associated with the gateways, since the VOIP gateway system is part of your tactical investment plan.

VoIP gateway solutions with VDS Technology Kenya

VDS Technology Kenya is the most preferred VoIP gateway solution provider in Kenya. We are the leading communications provider dedicated on meeting the calling needs of various industrial and corporates in Kenya. More number of businesses are accepting VoIP in their day to day communication needs, since it offers the flexibility, reliability, integrity and cost-effectiveness as well.

The portfolio of products we offer include :

GSM Gateway

There has been an upsurge in the ratio of calls to mobile networks. With the current telephone system in Nairobi companies have to pay heftily for fixed to mobile calls. GSM gateways could be the perfect solution in bringing profitability to the organizations. We are specialized in integrating GSM gateway with the GSM networks directly into the existing telephone infrastructure. Using the GSM gateways will reduce the communication costs and other charges. We also offers gateways that provides continuous connectivity to 3G networks.


  • Perfect for redundancy
  • Good for T12 Outages
  • Perfect in places where SIP connections are not available.
  • Ideal for remote location calls where there is no internet

ISDN/PRI Gateway

Digital ISDN/PRI gateways are the perfect solution for small and medium enterprises looking to save money. This gateway allows you to make several parallel calls and is ideal for the call centers, government organizations, financial organizations and more. It extends the user comfort with reduced call costs. It also allows the user to make remote maintenance and checks.  The advanced features in the PRI gateway systems confirms an earlier return on money. As the communications and VoIP leader in Kenya, we are committed in providing ISDN/PRI gateway solutions to many verticals including the IT organizations, Government organizations, Health care and other industries. You can contact us for more details in designing and integration with existing telephony systems.

FXO Gateway

FXO gateways are an appropriate answer to your telephone system in Nairobi. It connects the devices to the outside telephone line and support an alternative plan in case of an internet failure or a network glitch. Access to various POTs line is possible through the FXO gateway. It is ideal for the businesses that have various offices, since it keeps the local calls as local. Long distance charges can be eliminated by utilizing the local lines by connecting to a common IP PBX.

The FXO gateways we use are trusted , branded and are compliant with the VoIP gateway standards. We deliver great value on the best performing FXO gateways which have a significant place in the communication world.

FXS gateway

Through FXS gateway system, it is possible to connect varied set of analog phones so as to make and receive the VoIP calls over Internet. This system is suitable for offices users and can be installed to make calls between the branch offices. We are specialized in offering a scalable and reliable FXS gateway system in Kenya to organizations who are looking for the feasible call solutions through Internet. It can be managed remotely for troubleshooting, Upgrade, measuring performance.


  • Call forward
  • Call transfer
  • Conference calls,
  • Caller ID
  • SIP supporting
  • Echo cancellation

Session Border controllers

We are skilled in configuring and deploying session border controllers to exercise control over the signaling and telephone calls. Session Border controllers are the best solution to provide the security, routing and other functions in a VoIP network. In simple terms it is just like the firewall for the VoIP (Voice over internet protocol). We deliver the perfect system for you to handle every aspects including the security of phone calls that traverse over the IP network.

Are you looking for a VoIP gateway solution provider in Kenya? Please free to contact us for the VoIP solutions that assures a high return on investment.

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