Odoo ERP/CRM Kenya

Wondering if you should choose Open ERP for your business? Solving multifaceted problems for your business doesn’t mean that you have to buy the ERP that costs much. SAP and Oracle are not the only ERP’s that’s available in the market, but there are Open ERP’s that can help your business running properly. Having a clear cut plan and a clear goal is a recipe for an ERP Success. If you are truly thinking for an Open Source ERP then Odoo is considered the best in the industry that serves almost all the functionalities a business may want.

Odoo Crm Solutons Kenya

Odoo ERP Open source application is moving into new levels of grounds with the releases of newer versions with the functionalities being improved. Apart from offering the functional aspects, it offers wonderful office features with better overall user experience. What’s more, it provides you a fully integrated suite of functional modules (Accounting module, manufacturing module, Purchase module, HR module, and Project module) that help you streamline the operations of your organization.

VDS Technology Kenya has a dedicated Odoo wing that has been offering complete ERP and CRM solutions for clients across Kenya. We have a successful track of carrying out Odoo ERP implementation in Kenya for a number of clients, which displays our interest in providing ERP solutions. Among others, we offer Odoo ERP customization and integration for various domains in Kenya in the verticals of:

  • Retail/Wholesale business
  • Logistics
  • Corporates
  • Schools / colleges
  • Pharma and health care

We accept that the ERP strategies are an important phase in the progress of a business. Understanding this, we move and comply with the client’s business flows and adopt a strategy to shape a perfect Odoo ERP solution that makes it a hassle-free experience. Our team of ERP experts perform the requirement analysis after the feasibility study and provide a full cycle from Odoo design, customization, Odoo open-source implementation, integration, custom module development, and deployment.

You also manage your sales effectively with the CRM in Odoo. Attract leads, follow up the clients, calls, and meetings with the Odoo CRM Module. The CRM module in Odoo allows the clients to get inside by tracking the sales and marketing activities. Moreover, you can evaluate the quality of leads to measure and make informed decisions by integrating the services to the application.

The other features that you can count on Odoo CRM include:

  • Bring social integration to your sales Process: With this, you can be in touch with the social media insights (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc..)
  • Lead management: It makes it easy to receive the leads directly to your email. Find duplicate leads and assign them to the right person.
  • Organize your plans: Stay tuned with your deals and manage all your client interactions in one place
  • Performance Delivery: Increase performance by automating tasks.

We integrate and customize the CRM Odoo in your organization effectively with the focus to streamline your business activities. We also carry out the Computer telephony integration into the Odoo CRM. It will be easy for you to manage the sales calls and effectively manage them.

If you would like to know more about our Odoo phone integration Services  Read Here

Many companies already deployed. Are you ready for it?

Testimonials from the clients show that they are very much happy and satisfied with the Odoo ERP and CRM, where they can manage their operations and sales of their business most efficiently and economically.

You have more choices to choose on, with an alternative opportunity with us you can select other CRM solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics and Vtiger CRM as well.

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