IP Telephony solutions

There are so many revolutions in the telecommunications sector, all of which work to bridge time and distance in daily communications between different people. IP telephony(Internet Protocol telephony)  is a major advancement in communication which allows the phone to carry the multimedia stream over IP-based network on which video, voice or data can easily be transmitted to another phone user . The communication is provided over an IP-based network via Internet using the open standards-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

Ip Telephony Kenya MombasaBusiness needs and its benefits

An organization that adapts the use of IP telephony enjoys cost-effective communications since IP communications reduce phone bill expenses significantly. This way, they can therefore start saving costs while enjoying improved productivity and efficiency of employees. IP Telephony also enables business partners, colleagues and clients to connect and collaborate easily. Business owners can therefore establish meaningful  business relationships with their employees and clients as well.

Our IP Telephony Solutions

IP Telephony solutions with VDS Technology Kenya

With years of experience in delivering a range of IP telephony solutions In Kenya, Vector Digital Solutions has become the solution provider of choice in Eldoret. We have become the leading IP Telephony solution provider in Kenya with a prominent growth in client base since we offer a wide range of cost-effective VoIP solutions.

We specialize in telephony solutions, as such we are counted as the best communication provider with a level of experience that encourages new clients to choose us their telephone solutions provider. By joining your communications to a single IP-based network, you may benefit various business advantages, some of which include :

  • Simplified network and centralized management
  • Cost saving through SIP
  • Smooth communication for offices and multiple enterprises
  • Reliability, security and quality at lower costs by taking advantage of LAN and WAN
  • Enhanced employee performance through VPN, video conferencing, and audio conference.
  • Access to voice communications from devices such as Smartphones, laptops, desktops etc…

We offer a full range of convergence solutions to meet your business requirements. The portfolio of services includes the Contact center solutions, Call center solutions, Wireless telephone system in Nairobi, Unified communication, Mobility and VOIP security.

How the IP Telephony Benefitial for a business

Just like email, databases, and instant messaging, VoIP phones use networks to enable you send or receive messages.  PBX System  manufacturers have moved into IP communication and therefore are now using protocols which will communicate and integrate along with other existing applications.  These PBX Systems are known as IP-PBXs, simply because they use IP  ( Internet Protocol ) with regards to signaling.  Additionally,IP-PBXs have been made more available from entry level systems with few users. This  will allow the business owners to move in to IP  Telephony without incurring high costs. If you’re planning on a brand new PBX to your business, then consider an IP-PBX, because it is the technology which will transform your business and take it up a notch higher.

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