Session Border Controllers Kenya

Managing how calls are being initiated on a Voice over Internet Protocol network is very essential. With the current use of VoIP systems, security has become a major concern for many companies since VoIP is highly vulnerable to security threats that mostly occur on the internet. Security threats could be cyber attacks from malicious hackers or illegal access by unauthorized persons or devices .

Session Border Controllers play a key role in securing enterprise network from malfunctions such as Denial of service, too fraud and many other prevalent attacks. The session Border controller devices are deployed in Voice over Internet Protocol networks to manage and control the call (session) initiation, conducting and terminating the calls. It also takes control of  security as well.

Session Border Controls from VDS Technology Kenya

Vector Digital Systems Kenya is focused in providing Session Border Controllers for many VoIP networks across various domains. We help you install Session Border controllers so as to ensure that your VoIP network is heavily guarded from foreign threats and can as well maintain the full session, resulting in the following  benefits :

Security: There are many security concerns to be considered over the VOIP network. The common attacks includes the identity theft, eavesdropping, denial of service Viruses and malware, call tampering etc…

Connectivity: Session Border Controllers  ensure  proper connectivity among different parts of VOIP network through the use of different techniques.

Quality of Service: We ensure the Session Border controllers are implemented with the certain set of quality of services that makes the session proper

Media services: The Session Border controllers we deliver offer the border based media services and controls for a smooth exchange of data including the fax, video and voice.

Additional important features includes:

  • Protection for your SIP and VOIP connectivity
  • Remote connectivity for workers
  • Enhance trunk and client protection
  • Easy enterprise management
  • Remote security for any device
  • Suitable to any sized business
  • Safer network to network communication
  • Easy to install
  • Support for SIP access

We have shown our dedication in offering the best to the industry that brings in the result the organizations wanted.

Protect your sessions with Session Border Controllers

The security of your VoIP System is our main concern at Vector Digital Systems. Just as an organization’s data is of much value, protecting your VoIP network is equally important.Partner with Vector Digital Systems Kenya for the deployment of session border controllers to your existing or new VoIP system. The Session Border Controllers that we offer are equipped with many advanced features that perfect suit in any kind of business.

As the leading experts in providing VOIP systems in Kenya we recognize what you really expect  from us. By devising the best VOIP solutions with the world class Session Border Controllers, we help you in achieving the result you desire.

Feel free to get in touch with us to know more about  Session Border Controllers in Kenya that can work well with the existing VOIP Systems. We will be much happier to offer you a lending hand in implementing the infrastructure you wish.

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