Telephone Vtiger CRM Integration Kenya

Businesses can now build stronger and stable relationships with customers thus increasing sales and expanding their market using Telephone Vtiger CRM Integration in Kenya. Our CRM Vtiger solutions take your business higher to a new level. Many businesses are implementing the use of Vtiger CRM so as to reduce average handle times and improve customer service. Computer – telephony integration (CTI) makes your work easier in the office. Boasting of wide knowledge and experience in offering services in CRM Phone integration, Vector Digital Systems Kenya and can therefore handle integrations between telephony platforms and Vtiger CRM. Your business improves its sales process by combining its telephone system with our efficient Vtiger CRM Solution. Your sales team does not have to spend much time looking for the customer details, instead they can have the full details of the customer right before them. Customer details may include Lead status, Given proposals , Current stage and many others.

Vtiger Telephony Integration Kenya Nairobi


Our professional  Vtiger  CRM Phone integration service offer Managing calls & CRM at the same .Features like Call Popup and Click to Dial will boost your daily phone tasks and ensure every activity is properly tracked in your Vtiger CRM. With caller recognition [ Call PopUp], the users will immediately know who is calling. It will allow the user to track the existing deals or current process going on between the caller and your organisation. In case the caller is not on your Vtiger CRM database, then the call up allow you to create a new contact or lead under that call. There are several tasks can linked to incoming call pop up on computer. Like create a ticket , create lad, create contact and even assigned ticket to your existing customers. CRM Phone Integration can significantly increase the productivity of a business sales team. CRM Telephone integration is not limited to  sales team. Hospitals , Hotels , Restaurants, Debt collection Teams and Online stores can take advantage of this by enhancing the provision of better services to the customers. Meanwhile, Click-2-Dial features speed up the dialing process from within CRM. Users can easily call the customers by clicking the phone number field on the CRM.

Our CRM Telephony Integration solutions are designed to be both scalable and reliable so as to meet the needs and requirements of today’s business environments. We have telephone products to support all the communication methods like IP, TDM, Video, Wired or Wireless and SIP Protocol as well as integrate with your business software. We have a wide variety of office telephone systems in Nairobi, Kenya and you can therefore choose one that best suits the needs of your business. We also offer efficient services in deployment and installation of telephone systems. Vector Kenya offer high-tech installation service for Advance Telephone Systems and VoIP Phones in Eldoret ,Kisumu, Nairobi, and Mombasa.

Our CRM Telephony Integration Solutions

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