Asterisk Phone System Kenya

Create high quality and outstanding Voice, Video, and text applications using the most popular Professional Office Platform known as Asterisk. The highly versatile platform works perfectly with other major platforms and databases, thus proving to be very reliable and efficient.

Asterisk Phone System works as a self – sufficient PBX solution so as to boost productivity in your organization. For instance, it offers modern features such as Voicemail, Phone Call recording, Auto Attendant, ACD Queuing, Call Center solutions, and many other advanced features so as to enhance the already existing features of your telephony system, making your communication experience more exciting. Asterisk Phone System Kenya boasts of a team of skilled experts who can help you design personalized applications for your phone system to suit your business name and brand. This will aid in enhancing communication within your office, and even better, maximizing productivity of your workers.

Asterisk Systems Kenya Nairobi

Asterisk Solutions

Explore maximum communication capabilities in your office using Asterisk Phone Systems which is specially designed for use in Call centers, Contact Centers and other office settings with many telephone users.We at Asterisk enable you to set up a stable and reliable telephone system in Nairobi, Kenya.Asterisk Phone System comes with an embedded smart code which enhances the performance of other features and protocols of your phone. Asterisk Phone System in Nairobi, Kenya boasts of a modern WebRTC feature which effectively enhances the performance, security and reliability of your office telephone system. WebRTC is an intelligent browser that allows for communication in real-time. Our skilled team of experts in Nairobi, Kenya assist you in choosing the best Asterisk solution for your office based on the size of your business, be it small or medium – sized. Our company offers the best telephony solutions in :


  • Office business softwares / CRM
  • Call Centers , Contact Centers & Dialers
  • Asterisk PBX Phone System design, installation, setup, and maintenance
  • VoIP providers/ SIP Trunk Providers / IP PBX Brands
  • Computer-Telephony Integration [CTI] Application Development
  • Integration with existing Telephone systems and Softwares
  • Analogue Systems Integration
  • Unified Communications
  • GSM, SMS, Fax, Instant Messaging
  • Conferencing Bridge & Presence

Our Available Asterisk – Based Solutions

Vector Digital Systems based in Nairobi, Kenya is a trusted company that deals in a variety of leading telephony solutions. Our team of skilled experts uses modern security algorithms and protocols to safeguard your telephone system from malicious cyber attacks and access by unauthorized persons and devices. Vector Systems offers customized IVR solutions, voice application hosting, remote & hosted database integration, Call center solutions, and consultations regarding any solutions based on Asterisk. Vector boasts of an unmatched kind of expertise when it comes to providing services in line with telecom engineering.

Installing Your Asterisk Phone System Solution

Vector Kenya offers Asterisk Phone Systems solutions which are highly scalable and have been equipped with the most advanced features so that you can always be at par with the ever – changing communication needs in your business. We offer a variety of communication means including, video, IP, TDM, Wired or Wireless and SIP Protocol, therefore giving you the freedom to choose one that suits your business communication needs. We have a skilled team of technicians who will gladly help you install your preferred system at the office, data center, or home office while adhering to the highest standards of configuration and orientation.We not only offer installation services in Nairobi, but in Eldoret, Kenya as well. You can also access our services in Asterisk Telephone System installation and telephone solutions in a number of towns across Kenya including, Mombasa, Kitale, Nairobi, Eldoret and Kisumu.

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