Safeguarding your business environment is very essential since it minimizes losses resulting from theft. Installing a reliable security surveillance in your businesses, offices, and homes accords you a sense of security at all times. CCTV security surveillance cameras ensure that you do not miss out on any occurrences even when you are a million miles away. Home and nanny cameras for instance enable you to keep a close eye on your children and pets when you are away. These smart cameras also help to keep your employees on toes and discourage laxity at work since they know that they are being monitored, therefore enhancing their productivity.

Vector Digitals delivers the solution with Axis CCTV cameras

Vector Digitals, a leading service provider in IT solutions in Kenya in collaboration with Axis CCTV systems offers you  the most reliable CCTV surveillance solutions for your homes, offices, institutions, and even business premises. Axis is well known for the best surveillance solutions, such as excellent quality cameras, as well as network video recorders. Boasting of high quality HDTV and infrared qualities,  the surveillance cameras offered by Axis are highly suitable for use in areas of residence and industries. Our cameras are futuristic, having been meticulously designed to deliver crystal clear images. In areas of low light conditions, the surveillance cameras use a smart proprietary light finder technology to balance light intensity, resulting in crisp and clear pictures.

Axis IP cameras in Kenya offers a variety of surveillance cameras ranging from Modular cameras, panoramic cameras, explosion-protected cameras, fixed cameras, PTZ cameras, thermal cameras, and many others.

Axis Cctv Nairobi Kenya

Axis Network Video Recorder

A Network Video Recorder works perfectly with any IP cameras since it records video footages from IP cameras. The Network Video has been designed to offer an easy user experience, thanks to an embedded video management software which controls the videos. It is also equipped with advanced features which result in excellent video quality. Constant researches enable us to create more enhanced CCTV security cameras which meet the security needs of clients. The Network Video Recorder is scalable, offering its user a world class user experience. Contact Vector Digitals in Kenya for the best security solutions in your premises. We offer high class CCTV solutions at a pocket – friendly cost.

Reliable solution with robust products

Our highly skilled and experienced team of professionals work tirelessly to deliver you with branded CCTV systems with an outstanding performance. You can access our services in various towns across Kenya including, Eldoret, Nyeri, Mombasa,Kilifi, and Kisumu. Axis IP cameras and Network Video Recorders(NVR) enable you to secure your environment cheaply without necessarily going out of your company’s budget.


Axis CCTV Cameras