IPTV Middleware Kenya

IPTV and video services are gaining much importance in the era of digital communication. In conventional Television, the channels are being broadcasted simultaneously, and the viewer has to select the program he/she wants by changing the channel. Contrary to this, IPTV sends only one program at a time, and the customer receives only the program he selects. Whenever the program is requested, a new stream is transmitted from the service provider’s server directly to the customer through a set-top box.

IPTV middleware solutions with VDS Technology Kenya

IPTV Middleware is a comprehensive option to experience an amazing interactive experience. Planning and selecting middleware is of great importance. VDS Technology Kenya is professionals in delivering a range of IPTV middleware in Kenya to enhance the IPTV experience in a great way.

With IPTV middleware, you get one of the most extensive IPTV management solutions. The IPTV middleware offers performance-driven capabilities to the IPTV systems in a significant way. It allows you to set up and control multiple IPTV services from a web-based management console. Due to its open structure, middleware can connect to any 3rd party solution or service. Our middleware products enable users to feel a unique TV viewing experience.

The IPTV Middleware delivers the functionality of:

  • Resource management: it manages the system resources of IPTV terminal devices and servers
  • Application Management: It is a functional element to manage the application lifecycle and the operations in between.

Central systems, IPTV middleware, manages the Video on Demand, Headend system, and the Encrypting system. We are skilled in configuring and implementing the significant IPTV end-user functions and functional modules.

There are several points to be considered while implementing a perfect middleware system:

  • Defining the Network Plan
  • Specification of Database
  • Implementation of the provisioning system.
  • Compatibility with the IPTV systems
  • Data migration if any (in case of migrating from old system to new one)

Why Vector Digitals?

IPTV is growing in Kenya, Eldoret. We are a leading name in the IPTV solution providers in Kenya, offering design and implementation by the client requirement and needs. We are devoted to bringing the best of TV experience to the viewers in Kenya with the state of the art technologies and customer service. The solution is packaged with the bundle of channels covering lifestyle, health care to entertainment channels. With our extensive facilities, we are very much pleased to implement the finest of IPTV solutions for you. As professionals, we know what you want from us. By suggesting the best plan and delivering the most excellent solutions, we excel as the leaders in the market.

Contact us for the best IPTV services for your business. We will be much delighted to offer you a help in developing the infrastructure you wanted.

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