CP Plus CCTV Kenya

Organizations should partner with trusted service providers when it comes to installing reliable security and surveillance systems. For instance, simple security is required for small businesses. Large sized businesses are more susceptible to attacks, therefore requiring reliable security surveillance so as to enhance safety. Updating the software of your surveillance system is very essential as it enhances productivity. Many businesses are now embracing the use of CCTV surveillance systems in their enterprises so as to minimize risks of criminal activities such as theft. Technology has made it easy to unravel mysteries in crime investigations, therefore apprehending criminals.

Cp Plus Cctv Kenya

Strengthen your security with CCTV Security Systems

CCTV systems are now highly trusted for reliable information, and this has caused many businesses to tighten their security systems, leading to a rise in demand for surveillance cameras and recording systems. Companies should strongly guard their facilities and enterprises against risks of theft, damage, or any other criminal activities that may lead to loss of products.

Security solution with CP Plus systems

Having been ranked as a top provider in security solutions, CP Plus is always at par with global innovations. CP Plus security systems is highly respected in the market. We incorporate the most advanced methods which offer reliable solutions to meet your different security needs.Vector Digitals offers the best solutions to business and homes, and has therefore been ranked as one of the best CCTV solution provider in Kenya. We deal in a number of security products including, CP Plus IP cameras, CP Plus Analog Cameras, CP Plus Network Video Recorder, and CP Plus HDCVI cameras.

Feel the real with CP plus IP cameras

CP Plus IP cameras(Network Cameras) meet the varying security needs of clients. CP Plus Cameras play a major role in surveillance by capturing crystal crystal clear images, and come in varying models. They are easy to deploy, thus providing an easy user interface. They also come with advanced features such as Night Vision, Long distance live data transmission, superb IP range, digital capture, high-quality sensors, high-resolution images, and many others.

Capture with Analog cameras

The CP Plus Analog cameras can automatically balance the quality and output of of images. The CP Plus Analog Cameras can be used for any security application that highly needs quality surveillance. These highly advanced cameras enable you to monitor activities, thus securing your premises.Vector Digitals offer reliable CCTV solutions by providing CCTV solutions to industries and residences in Kenya.

CP Plus HDCVI Cameras – High definition composite video interface technology.

CP Plus Cameras deliver high resolution images in analog systems which make HDCVI cameras  the most preferred  security solution for businesses. CP Plus Cameras can be used together with analog surveillance systems.  There are many different versions of HDCVI cameras which include, Bullet cameras, Vandal Dome, Dome Cameras, and Pinhole,

CP Plus Network Video Recorder:The recording solution that CP plus NVR (Network Video Recorder) delivers is outstanding. Vector Digitals is experienced in utilizing the features and functionalities of CP plus NVR. We make it possible for the business of all sizes to deploy robust security surveillance with a varied range of CP plus NVRs and CP plus IP cameras. It has many features which include support of Real-time live view, Supports other brand IP cameras, Smart search by time and date, Simultaneous video Output, Playback features, and much more.

CP Plus Digital Video Recorder

DVR(Digital Video Recorder) is an upgrade of Analog cameras. It simply allows the system to record the images and videos from analog cameras in digital format which can easily kept in a storage disk.DVRs are equipped with features that provide for real-time preview,remote access, real-time recording, playback facilities, important alarm events, and many other functionalities. CP Plus DVR can used together the CP Plus Analog Cameras so as to achieve an efficient surveillance system.

Vector Kenya can provide you with a reliable security surveillance solution that best suits your businesses and residences in Kenya.We have our services spread across various towns in Kenya including, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nairobi, Thika, and Nyeri. Our expertise in designing and implementing security and surveillance systems across various industries and industries has placed us as the top provider of CCTV solutions in Kenya.

Don’t lean back in the decision to implement a surveillance system in your establishment. Contact us now to know more about design and implementation.