Axtel Headsets Kenya

Unified communication technology integrates voice and data into one network so as to enhance your business communications. It however isn’t the best way to communicate on phone over long periods of time, which is why headsets come in handy. Headsets enable a user to enjoy using the hands-free mode of a phone during communication, thus enabling them to multitask. A user can take notes, sign documents or even use a computer, all while on a phone call using the headsets. This enhances an employee’s efficiency and boosts productivity in the office.

Major leading manufacturers have designed flexible headsets which can be used in varying business environments, while maintaining comfortability and excellent audio quality. The available options of headsets are so many, making it difficult for one to choose one. The best type of headsets will directly affect your business in a positive manner.

Why Axtel Headsets?

The modern Axtel Headsets are equipped with the most advanced features technologically to enable its users explore their maximum communication capabilities. The headsets come with a superb audio quality, ensuring that users can clearly hear and be heard during phone calls. Axtel headphones series is the most reliable and efficient office equipment that you need for an enhanced your work experience.


Axtel Office Headset Mombasa Kenya Nairobi

Making the best with VDS Technology Kenya

Vector Digital Systems in Kenya presents you with a chance to experience an ample unified communications system, courtesy of the premium Axtel headsets. The compact and lightweight headsets guarantee you maximum comfort, thanks to its leatherette ear cups which are heavily cushioned. Axtel headphones are available in two designs including: professional headsets and headsets unified communications.

Professional headsets : these headsets deliver an amazing sound quality using the brilliant noise suppression technology which filters out any background noises that may cause distractions during communication.These headsets are designed to be used specifically in offices and open spaces.



  • Superb audio quality
  • Advanced hardware
  • Highly flexible and efficient
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Elegant and modern design
  • Lightweight and great comfort

Unified Communication Headphones:  the compact and lightweight headsets are built for industries that utilize unified  communication systems.


  • Lightweight built
  • Movable speakers
  • Supports operating systems such as MS, IOS, Linux
  • Supports USB
  • Stereo sound
  • Noise reduction in microphones

New heights of business in Kenya

We offer a wide variety of modern headphones in Kenya from which you can choose your best preferred one for your business. Sennheiser headphones, for instance are high performance ear phones which are ideal for your daily business communication needs.They boast of a crystal clear audio and other advanced features.

Kenya as a country embraces change in technological advancements, with many business premises  shifting to  modern methods of communication. Many business are also upgrading their already existing communication systems to new ones, thanks to Vector Digital Systems, a leading service provider of IT support, IP telephony solutions which offers communication solutions which are cost effective. Contact Vector Digital Systems for the best communication solutions at an affordable price.

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