Avaya Video Conferencing System

Avaya video conferencing systems not only enable you to cut down on travel expenses, but also save you from unnecessary time delays as they allow you to start your meetings immediately. You can easily create and join meetings from any location, without necessarily attending the meeting in person. It is an effective platform which connects employees and their employers when they need to raise issues or discuss matters pertaining work. That video conferencing systems enable people to stay connected and attend meetings from different remote locations makes them a highly reliable communication solution.

Using Video conferencing systems comes with a number of benefits including :

  • Reduce travel expenditure
  • Enhance productivity among the employees and customers
  • Boosts communications
  • Competitive advantage for your business.

Avaya Scopia Conferencing Kenya

Conferencing with the Avaya Video Conferencing System

Avaya video conferencing systems are technologically advanced to expand your telecommunication capabilities as well as enhance your communication experiences. Vector Digital Systems offer you effective communication solutions and platforms to connect with your business partners, clients and also employees.

You can easily share ideas, documents, raise suggestions and opinions, as well as  files and documents using Avaya Video Conferencing System. The System is highly flexible and works perfectly on desktop devices and smart mobile phones, making your video and audio conferences come alive.

Avaya Enterprise Video Conferencing Solution

Avaya Video Conferencing Solutions give your meetings a whole new meaning by making them come alive with a natural feel. They have been created to transform your boardrooms and conference rooms, resulting in more exciting meeting sessions.


Advantages of using of Avaya Video Conferencing Systems:

  • Excellent and quality video deliverance
  • High bandwidth efficiency
  • Error resiliency
  • High profile video compression method (SVC)

Invest in the right Video Conferencing Solution from Avaya

Equip your office with a reliable video conferencing system from Avaya and accord your team an unlimited communication experience. Avaya Scopia uses mobiles and desktop devices to connect you with your team from any location. It delivers crystal clear audio devoid of extraneous noises. Avaya Scopia integrates both software and hardware features to compress sounds and images into clear and comprehensible formats in conference rooms and boardrooms.

Advantages of using Avaya Video Conferencing Solutions

  • Enriched collaboration
  • Improved productivity
  • Great customer service
  • Compatibility with SIP-based platforms

Perfect Solution for your Video conferencing needs

The modern business setting requires that you build the right connections with clients and partners in order to stay afloat and expand your business. Video conferencing is highly efficient as it is cost effective and allows you to connect and collaborate easily with colleagues and partners from different locations worldwide.

We are a trusted dealer in the most modernized telephony equipment and solutions, suitable for any business and office environment. Some of the available brands of conference phones we offer include, Cisco video conference systems, Grandstream video conference systems,and Huawei video conferencing systems.


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