Why you need a Data Backup Solutions?

It is very essential to safeguard your company’s data when in business. Losing important data and files may serious negative impacts to the business. For instance, losing financial data can lead to loss of huge contracts which may be quite costly to the company.Losing records of stock and sales may also be a huge inconvenience since it will be quite difficult to carry out financial audits.Storing data in hard drive is not very efficient since data losses may occur frequently from time to time, due to factors such as software corruption or human errors. This is why it is very important to keep your important information safely.

Data backup Kenya ensures the security of your data through Vector Digital Systems which provide complete backup solutions.

Our Data Backup policies

Vector Digital Systems Kenya guarantees you sure backup solutions for your data, saving you from the inconveniences of data losses. We not only carry out reliable regular backups of critical and noon-critical data which may be very important, but also follow a routine of data protection defined by clear cut and methodical backup policies and approaches.

Our Data Backup plan

We first determine the types of data that needs to be backed up before implementing the backup plan. We also work out how often the backup plan should be done and many more other functionalities.Some of the factors that we put into consideration before finalizing the backup process include:

  • The importance of informationĀ on your systems.
  • The type of information the data holds
  • How frequently does the data change?
  • Scheduling a backup time

Our backup solutions come with full backup features which work perfectly with the latest methods that work best in your computing environment.

Data Backup Types

There are many data backup techniques that can be used in securing data, and each is applied according to the type of backing up data and how suitable the recovery process is.

Some of the available backup types include:

  • Full backups
  • Copy backups
  • Daily backups
  • Incremental backups
  • Differential backups

You can also take an extended backup facility set for monthly and quarterly backups, where even the files considered less necessary are backed up.

Factors to consider when choosing a data backup plan:

It is very essential to consider factors such as capacity, extensibility, dependability and speed when choosing a backup plan. These factors are very vital in selecting the right kind of data backup plan for your business or organization. We guide you in formulating a strategy to installing the best backup plan which is readily available in the market.

We understand that your data is important

Being a leader in the best data backup solutions, Vector Digital Systems is dedicated to deliver reliable and efficient data backup solutions which ensure that the client’s data is safe and can easily be recovered when need arises.

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