Bosch CCTV Kenya

Accepting that safety risks can occur from inside or outside a business environment has prompted many business owners to take precautionary measures such as installing full time surveillance cameras to monitor their premises. It is therefore very important to choose a modern and reliable surveillance system, which is not only cost effective, but should also be equipped with the most advanced features technologically.  Such a reliable surveillance system will help  in enhancing security as well as minimizing  risks such as burglary. It also assists in boosting productivity of workers since they are being monitored full time. CCTV  cameras can be used be to keep vigilance over business premises as well as homes, without compromising the privacy standards of the client.


Bosch Cctv Camera Kenya

Bosch CCTV systems and Bosch IP Cameras:

Bosch is a well known and established company which deals in Security Surveillance products. Some of its available CCTV products include analog cameras, DVRs, and IP cameras, all of which are equipped with the most advanced features.Vector Digital Systems works with Bosch systems to design reliable CCTV security systems that meet the different security needs of many different clients.IP cameras by Bosch are highly efficient, such that they can be used in different environments such as offices, schools, hospitals, homes, and many other places.The available IP  cameras offered by Bosch in Kenya include, moving cameras, panoramic cameras, and Fixed IP cameras which are equipped with modern features such as high dynamic range, exceptional strength, HD resolution, video analytics,intelligent tracking, and interoperability with other systems.

Analog Cameras

Bosch analog cameras have been built with excellent features such as High Sensitivity, Wide coverage, Strong design, Night capturing possible with imaging technology, optimized image visibility, and many others, making them very ideal for use in scenarios where extremely high resolution images are required.

Network Video Recorders and Digital Video recorders

Businesses which own one single camera can now enjoy extended services of multiple cameras, courtesy of Bosch’s highly efficient recording solutions. When put together with the cameras, the Bosch recording system delivers a full IP recording solution.The Network Video Recorder has been equipped with modern features including, Real-time access to video, advanced user management, Search made easy, remote watching possible, robust and secure operation, Advanced Alarm management, Support for up to 32 channels, fully modular design, and video management software.

The premium Bosch Digital Video Recorder boasts of advanced  capabilities such as network function for remote monitoring, remote playback control and alarm warning, real-time monitoring , high resolution, and many others.


Enhance security with the best CCTV provider in Kenya.

Vector Digitals in Kenya offers the best security solutions  that suit any kind of environment, be it offices, industries or even homes. The CCTV solutions that we offer are reliable, enabling you to enjoy maximum security. Contact us for the best deals in security and surveillance cameras. Our able team of consultants help you choose a security solution that best suits your security needs, while our skilled technicians assist in installing your preferred solution without compromising your privacy details. Bosch CCTV in Kenya delivers convenient security solutions. We are located in major towns across Kenya which include, Eldoret, Mombasa, Nyahururu, Eldoret, as well as Kisumu. Bosch Kenya strives to deliver you excellent security systems and solutions.

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