Desktop Support in Kenya

The impact computer technology has made on us is numerous. It has brought immense changes in almost all domains. Now every business use computers to fulfill daily tasks. It made the work easy for the humans compared to the conventional system i.e., from making contact with the clients to input and generate the reports. Varieties of different types of computers are being used in accordance with the usage, and one such type is the Desktop computer.

As desktop computers are being employed in most of the organizations, it makes the work and life easier. It facilitates most of the modern means of communication in a refined way and also allows the data to be stored locally or centrally in the storage disks and all.

In environments where it depends heavily on systems for the work, certain imperative functions like the virus scans, cleaning disks, software upgrade, and other activities are essential for the smooth functioning. Avoiding these may put the systems in peril, thus affecting the workflow and productivity. Here comes the importance of Desktop Support.

Desktop Mac Windows Support Nairobi Kenya

Desktop Support with VDS Technology Kenya

Desktop support has an important role in the smooth functioning of an enterprise. Not only it provides Support to the systems, but it also enhances productivity on a large scale. In simple terms, it is the single point of contact for technical assistance for the end-users in a computing environment.

At VDS Technology Nairobi in Kenya, we deliver secure and reliable support services to large and small organizations. We believe in maintaining the desktop infrastructure is vital for an enterprise; as such, we keep an eye on the systems with a constant vigil. We make sure that the applications are up to date, the latest updates have been installed in the Operating systems, and the system is protected with the latest Antiviruses and malware.

What do we do?

Keep aside your problems in a work environment that is associated with desktop computers or anything thing you depend on that for your work.

  • Install and upgrade, Support and troubleshoot the Operating systems
  • Monitoring, operating and managing Client PC’s
  • Develop trends by constantly monitoring and analyzing the support requests.
  • Deal with the software and hardware related queries
  • Remote desktop support
  • Virus detection, removal, and protection
  • Data recovery and backup
  • Software installation
  • Software updates
  • New PC and MAC setup
  • Software verification
  • Issues with the Laptop
  • Installation of drivers
  • Planning and organizing

Our solutions include Remote Support as well. Our pool of dedicated engineers provides onsite, remote site support with excellent troubleshooting skills for those organizations who do not employ full-time staff. We have talented professionals who can deal with any issues relating to your systems quickly. We are focused on approach by delivering secured and encrypted desktop support with the highest percentage of delivery in the realm of Support.

Move with the technology

Over our experience with the varied organizations in Kenya, Mombasa, we recognize the problems that the end-user may face. Our primary goal is to support your business and users through technology that enables them to achieve the task in an efficient and productive. We need to make sure our name speaks to what we do the Support to achieve the goals. Our Desktop services in Kenya ensures your employees can continue the job as they did yesterday.

As a leader within the telecom and IT domains, we’re able to meet the organizational expectations in detail. Our strategies with proven standards in Kenya ensures proper Desktop support in Kenya. We assure you, with the highest accountability rate, we have been the perfect choice for your enterprise.
We have dedicated our services to other realms of IT sectors as well that include the Business relocation, IT AMC service, and Remote Support.

If you have any questions or think if you have any need for the Desktop support in Nairobi Kenya, please get in touch with us and we will be very much pleased to assist you.

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