IPTV Service Kenya

The use of IPTV systems is gaining so much popularity among different people. IPTV enables its users to watch programs of their choice at anytime. IPTV services are provided through an IP network and the IPTV is capable of delivering HD content. Using an IPTV requires a stable and reliable broadband connectivity which has a high internet accessibility so as to serve many IPTV users at once.

IPTV is an integration of multimedia services such as the audio, video, graphics, television, text, which are carried through the IP network.

The Advantages of using IPTV includes:

  • No need for separate cabling since it uses the existing computer network.
  • Easy to incorporate with other IP-based services.
  • Remote management
  • Gives customers the freedom  to select a particular program they wish to watch
  • Interoperable with all display devices (Projectors, LCD, Computer, TV)
  • Robust and Scalable
  • Full control of user access
  • High Definition Supported
  • Possible to link with the other connected devices

IPTV services in Kenya with VDS Technology Kenya

We are specialized in designing and implementing the IPTV services and solutions in Kenya and, as such, are proud to present the class of IPTV services which can be customized to meet needs and requirements of  the customer or organization.  Our expertise lies in the proper installation of Middleware and IPTV head-end solutions.

The IPTV services we provide include:

  • Live Television
  • Video on Demand
  • Time Shifted

Our IPTV services in Kenya will take the entertainment and Knowledge to the next level with a comprehensive range of features. The personal video recorder gives the user an option to record any favorite channels for later viewing. We take the challenge of planning, designing, and implementing an IPTV strategy to the best use of industries across wide domains, including the hospital sector, hotels, educational institutions, and homes as well. Our system is well equipped with hands-on solutions for the most challenging issues on the network, like video loss and other issues.

We carry out a careful analysis will before  implementing  an  IPTV systems in your organization.

Why Vector Digitals?

As a top leader in offering IPTV services in Kenya, we design and implement an IPTV system which best suits the client’s requirements and needs. The service is exceptional in bringing the best of TV experience to the viewers in tune with the state of the art technologies and customer service. With our comprehensive services and solutions, we are glad to offer the best of IPTV services for you. As the leading professionals, we know what service you expect from us. By suggesting the best, it is assured that we deliver the best in the market.

We have got the great lineup along with the proper systems and we are ready to swing into action immediately. Get in touch with us for the best IPTV services for your business.

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