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Digital Enhanced,/European Cordless Telecommunications(DECT) Phones are simply wireless phone systems which are mainly used by businesses that are seeking to enhance work force mobility. DECT phones are brilliantly designed to accord you the freedom of movement within your office or home while on a phone call. A DECT phone system comprises of a base station and either one or multiple DECT phones connected to the base without the use of a cable(wireless connection). Advanced DECT phone systems can work with additional base stations and repeaters so as to expand the coverage and increase user handling capacity. DECT phones are very essential for businesses such as campuses, hotels, hospitals, big offices, and warehouses  that want to boost productivity .

There are two types of DECT phones which include the Analog DECT phone and the IP DECT phone. For the Analog DECT phone, the base station is directly connected to the service provider (Analog PSTN lines), whereas the IP DECT phones work with as part of a large phone system or IP PBX System. IP DECT phones are equipped with more advanced features as compared to the Analog DECT phones.

Dect Wireless Phone Kenya

Why do you need DECT Phones ?

The main reason that may lead you to require a DECT phone is to enhance work force mobility. You do not have to stay pinned on the phone table so as to make or receive phone calls. A DECT phone simply grants you the freedom to move around and multitask while on a phone call. It also enables you to receive different points whether you are at home or in your office and comfortably make phone calls. A phone call could be transferred from handset or base to another. One other good reason for using DECT phones is intercom, which allows internal communication both at home and at work.

Transmission & Reception Ranges of DECT Phones

This simply refers to the distance coverage from the base station in which a user can still use their DECT phone . This majorly depends on the transmission and reception range of a DECT Phone. Usually, the range is approximately 300 meters when outdoors and 50 meters when indoors.The modern IP DECT phone range can be expanded using  repeaters. The ranges displayed by manufacturers are merely theoretical. The exact range depends a whole lot on many factors, including climate, obstacles like walls, and radio interference. So until you have tried or tested on your workplace, you are unable to explore the maximum range of your wireless phone.

Our DECT Phone Products

We deal with popular wireless DECT phone brands which include Avaya , Grandstream, Yealink, Cisco, Panasonic, NEC, Snom and RTX DECT Phones.Our wireless phone solutions are best suited for office, Industrial or Healthcare environments. Our industrial DECT phones are specifically designed for workforce operating in high demanding environments such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare or oil and gas.Wireless phone system allow you to roam within a building or across a campus and take with you the high-quality wireless voice communication.

Our Wireless Phone System Solutions

Our wireless phone system solutions are scalably designed with many advanced features so as to meet the rising needs of modern business conditions. We offer telephone products that support all communication methods such as IP, TDM, Video , Wired or Wireless and  SIP Protocol. You have the freedom to choose a telephone system that best suits the needs of your business from our available wide variety in Nairobi. Our highly skilled technicians offer you the best services in deployment and installation while considering your customized needs and requirements. Vector Digital Systems Kenya offers you the best DECT Phone systems in Eldoret, Kenya at an affordable cost. Our services are available in various towns in Kenya including Eldoret, Mombasa, Nairobi, and Kisumu.

DECT Phones Kenya

DECT phones guarantee users maximum mobility since they are designed to eliminate the heavy use of cabling system. Users can therefore walk around while making and receiving their phone calls. DECT phones are very important for use in hotels, homes and offices. Investing in  wireless communication system can be a convenience, a boost to productivity and, in dire situations, a life-saver. DECT wireless phones support a secure voice only private network in an assigned frequency band.There is two types of DECT phones to choose from : Analog DECT and IP DECT Phones. Analog DECT Phones are  limited in functionality as compared to IP DECT Phones. IP DECT phones work on the same principle as analog DECT phones operate , except that they use the benefits of VoIP Technology. DECT wireless system provides the work force with perfect voice quality, seamless hand offs and a secure air interface.

Dect Phones Kenya Nairobi MombasaDECT Wireless Phones are ideal for use across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, retail, manufacturing and hospitality. Business DECT  Phone Systems are  designed to meet the daily needs of office workers, teleworkers and mobile workers. DECT Phones in a office environment allow the workers to move around the building or across multiple sites, while enjoying uninterrupted access to telephony. The international DECT standard ensures secure communications by means of very reliable encryption technology. When it Comes to DECT Phone system there are no costs associated with internal calls.There is a wide variety of  DECT handsets, including industrial models for heavy duty environments. We carry industries top DECT phone brands in our portfolio.We deal with Cisco DECT Phones , Grandstream DECT Phones , Snom DECT Phones , Yealink DECT Phones, Panasonic DECT Phone and NEC DECT Phone.

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