Data Recovery Kenya

How safe is your Data?

Your system could be adversely affected and as a result, permanent loss of data could occur if your computer gives caution about an impending hard disk failure or system crash. You shouldn’t however worry because we are here, glad to assist you in recovering that lost data.

We have professional data recovery tools and services and can help you recover lost data and make it accessible to you. Many organizations and individuals do not pay close attention to the possibilities of subsequent loss of important data. This is because before data is lost, the computer system itself will give warnings about possible hard disk failure, virus threat or partition problems, and many other malfunctions.

Data is highly valuable to an organization since they are essential in the decision-making process within the organization. It is therefore very important to take precautionary measures or put in place mitigation measures that could help minimize risks of data losses due to viruses and malicious cyber attacks by hackers.

Data Recovery Services In Kenya

Data Recovery solutions

We don’t believe in system threats. We believe only in solutions.

An organization’s data is highly vulnerable to complete damage. Data recovery is vital when your computer system is displaying inconsistencies when you try to access files and formats, accidental deletions of data and files, virus attacks, corrupted files, unexpected system shutdowns or power failure, and many other inconveniences which show the need to install Data Recovery Solutions.

Data Recovery in Kenya with Vector Digital systems

What is data recovery?

Technically, Data Recovery is effort to regain lost data and make it accessible through the use of data recovery software and tools.

Vector Digitals, a leading company in the provision of IT products and solutions provides data recovery solutions from both internal or external hard drives, saving you from losing important  business deals and contracts. We boast of a highly experienced team of professional technicians who are dedicated in retrieving lost data and files from many drives owned by different companies or individuals. With a long term experience in this field, we have previously handled clients ranging from hospitality sector, corporates, and government organizations in Kenya. As a leader in data recovery services in Kenya, we support users and organizations to regain lost information regardless of the kind of storage media used.

The data recovery services in Kenya we offer includes :

  • Hard drive Recovery
  • Server Data recovery
  • Laptop recovery
  • External Hard drive recovery
  • USB data recovery
  • Recovery from MAC Book
  • Solid State hard drives
  • Notebook hard drive recovery

The recovery can be made from all causes of data loss:

  • Hard drive failures
  • Deleted files and partitions (accident deletion/Permanent deletion)
  • Disk reformatting
  • Files overwrite
  • Virus attacks
  • Blue screen of death

From handling many systems and hard drives, we can easily tell causes of some system failures or issues that some storage drives develop, hence can easily come up with strategies to solve such kinds of problems. Such strategies enable us to to successfully retrieve lost data, thus allowing organizations to smoothly carry on with their daily functions.

We at Vector Digitals Kenya can retrieve the data and make it possible to use. We use effective data recovery software tools together with proven modern technologies to ensure that your lost data is successfully recovered. The technology we implement is 100 % transparent and secure. We promise you the highest confidentiality and security are safe at the hands of VDS Technology, Kenya. With the highest recovery rate, we are the perfect choice for your data recovery in Kenya.

Besides Data Recovery solutions, we also offer reliable services in Business relocation,IT AMC service, Desktop Support, as well as remote support. If you have any questions or think if you have any need for the serious data recovery services as an emergency, please feel free to contact us and we will be very much happy to assist you.

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