Wireless Network Solutions Kenya

Wireless network solutions have really transformed the way in which communication occurs in the modern world. It not only enables a user to comfortably share information, but also have unlimited access to various multimedia such as movies and music which they can use anywhere. The use of wireless technology is rapidly growing since many businesses rely on wireless applications for communication.

Businesses benefit much by investing in wireless technology. As far as the enterprise is considered a physical infrastructure seems good, but having all the wires running throughout a building is difficult to manage and is also quite costly. With the increase in the workforce, the physical connections at the workplace would create a total clutter.

Enterprise wireless is a totally a feasible and reliable solution for an organizations. It is surely the choice of good productivity at every phase of an organization. In order to resolve the connection and other common issues normally found with the wired connections, wireless solution is a blessing for the enterprises.

Enterprise wireless with VDS Technology Kenya

Vector Digital systems offers a wide a range of wireless solutions to your organization. We have the simple, affordable and proven enterprise wireless solutions in Kenya that offers an integrated access within the organization. Our wireless solutions provides a platform for accessing the enterprise application and data and it makes way for new businesses.

The enterprise wireless solutions is on the mainstream and has proved it to be an important tool in getting access to voice, real-time information , company databases, Salesforce automation, email applications, calendar and the other critical information pertaining to a business. We offer both the indoor and outdoor solutions that unifies the best features of wired and wireless network to deliver a manageable secured wireless solutions for your enterprise.

The advantages of  using Wireless solutions include:

  • It offers an instant access
  • Cut the cost and complexity
  • Convergence (voice, video and data) with the mobility
  • Enables scalability while maintaining the centralized management.
  • Enterprise-wide mobility for better productivity
  • Video over wireless
  • Connectivity solutions to nearest branches

We have influenced our technology leadership skills in providing a reliable and trusted solution to develop a complete enterprise wireless in Eldoret and other parts of emirates.

Our solutions underpins for an extended connectivity such as :

  • Extended wireless connectivity
  • Extended signal coverage to work groups
  • Extended signal coverage to single clients

Why VDS Technology Kenya for Enterprise Wireless solutions?

Our wireless solutions offer a number of advantages in complex environments.

Extensive wireless coverage: Our solution is leveraged with the latest wireless technologies. It delivers wireless services to destinations where coverage is difficult to attain.

Fast and Easy: The enterprises can turn off the worries about the drilling holes, digging up the floors and putting the unsightly cables throughout the office rooms.

Simplified Management: To keep the things easy, it centralizes the key functions of the wireless encompassing the security and mobility features to the inner and outside networks within an enterprise.

Optimal network performance: It delivers an exceptional performance making sure that all users get the desired signal strength.

Wireless security: protecting your company’s wireless network from illegal access is of utmost importance. In order to implement, we have a secured wireless policies and guidelines to defend the outside networks threats and inside threats. We have our own tools applications to thwart the threats.

Our wireless solutions are the best for use in corporates, large and small organizations, government organizations, IT companies , and many others. With technology being in the faster phase, the business needs a smarter system that’s easy to deploy and manage.

Be the best in the industry by partnering with the leader in the provision of wireless solutions in Kenya. Call us now for a better solution, we will be happy to assist you in designing and implementing the finest wireless network solutions. Our services can be found in various towns in Kenya including Kisumu, Eldoret,  and Mombasa.

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