NEC Phone Systems

You have the freedom to choose any telecommunication solution from NEC. Its phone systems feature advanced business functionalities and can be easily integrated with PBX systems. NEC Phone systems come with so many technologically advanced features which work seamlessly to meet the communication needs and enhance productivity in both small and large phone businesses. NEC phone systems are brilliantly designed to solve challenges in communication that may be encountered in businesses. Investing in effective communication solutions is one strategy towards winning in the highly competitive business environment. Acquiring a unified communications solution enables you to enjoy maximum productivity courtesy of IP applications which enhance performance of employees in your organization.

NEC phone systems are futuristic and highly scalable with advanced features to serve the ever changing demands of modern businesses. The NEC PBX System is built to enable maximum interoperability  with other communication methods such as IP, Video, TDM, Wired or Wireless, and SIP Protocols. The SIP compliance of the NEC PBX System ensures full compatibility with other SIP IP phones available in the market. The NEC phone system can also easily integrate with other larger capacity systems. NEC Telephone System enables you to deploy pure IP Phone System as well as traditional Digital phones or Circuit switched technology.













NEC Phones- Business Telephones

NEC offers a wide variety of business phones that can boost productivity of your workers. Some of the phone models that are offered by NEC phone system include  wireless DECT phones and soft phones. The types of phones enable users to quickly access tools and information, anywhere at any time. NEC Phones are highly customizable and flexible, thus allowing users to explore maximum communication capabilities. NEC offers a comprehensive suite of phones and applications that help businesses benefit from growing trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and an increasing mobile workforce.Nec Phones Kenya

NEC DT series IP and Digital Handsets comprise of :

Digital series : DT300 and DT400 series

IP series : DT700 Series

Both above mentioned series deliver the latest features in telephony technology and their modular designs provide you with the chance to adjust settings to satisfy the specific needs of your business. They are designed to accommodate the ever changing needs and demands of a growing business. The IP phones are ergonomically built with a sleek design, therefore achieving the focal point of any office. A highly  intuitive interface accords the IP phone user a comfortable and easy experience requiring no technical expertise. NEC DT phones are an integral element of any unified communication system and boast of the ability to connect people with information, tools, and application to achieve success in business.  The NEC DT series terminals give you a variety of benefits and features that capture the essence from all of the above to permit any organization to get in touch with their clients and customers seamlessly.

NEC offers a wide variety of telephone systems, giving you the freedom to choose one that best suits the needs of your business. The are highly versatile and can be customized to suit any business setting. Vector Digital Systems has an experienced team of technicians who are delighted to assist you set up your chosen telephone system while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and configuration. Contact Vector Digitals Kenya today for your ideal NEC phone system and any other telephone system. You can make inquiries about our telephone products through our highly professional team of experts. We have spread our services across various town in Kenya including, Eldoret, Mombasa, Nyeri, Voi, and Kisumu.

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