IT AMC Kenya – Annual Maintenance Contract Nairobi

Servicing your systems in order to ensure that they work effectively is one major reason why you require an annual maintenance contract. It is even more crucial to maintain good quality so as to stay relevant in a very competitive market. For computers to work smoothly, one should regularly carry out it maintenance. Maintenance helps to minimize unwanted breakdowns in IT or telecom infrastructure in different organizations. Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) reduces such risks significantly. An Annual Maintenance Contract lasts a year , and can be extended to 3 years or 5 years depending on the mutual agreement.

Move with the leader in AMC in Kenya – VDS Technology Kenya

Vector Digitals partners with IT AMC Kenya so as to guarantee you smooth operations in your daily work routines. AMC services deliver an endless support to IT  systems and their functions to do with activities within your organization.

Just like managing your business activities, it is very important to maintain your business activities. Being consistent with regular maintenance of your IT and Telecom infrastructure leads to success in business as it ensures that you are always at par with any new trends in technology. Our services are an in-house IT department and even better, our operations do not whatsoever interfere with speed , quality, and accuracy of your system.

IT AMC Kenya

We are heavily strategized in our plans to keep your daily functions run smoothly within your work environment. Our highly professional team of experts pay a visit to your organization then make a detailed study and understanding of your machines. Once that is done, we perform a thorough business and technological review, after which an inspection of your IT and telecom infrastructure of your organization is carried out.

Some of the services that IT AMC carry out include:

  • Desktop support (MAC/Windows)
  • System management check
  • Disk clean
  • Antivirus and malware
  • Email security and management
  • Servers and attached storage
  • SAN storage
  • Telephone Systems (PBX)
  • Server Back up
  • Data Restore
  • Telephone Equipment’s


The Maintenance of PC, servers, and IT infrastructure can be scheduled to regular and weekly as per the client request. In the work environment, there would be deadlines and demands at every go; understanding this, we can schedule and deploy a maintenance plan for your establishment. Our pool of specialists is in line for you to deliver the highest technical assistance for a better and smooth flow. They are specialists in managing the IT and Telecom infrastructure with proven skillsets.

With the best IT AMC service in Kenya, the companies are advancing with us from the range of our IT related services. Technology is changing Kenya! So it’s time for you to move with the advancement. To move along, you must have the support of the best IT Support Company in Kenya to ensure that your IT infrastructure resources are running impeccably. So it’s crucial to ensure your infrastructure is up always.

Many organizations are opting for the AMC’s to cut down the expenditures.

What we have for you in a nutshell?

  • Customer Support
  • Hardware installation
  • Software installation
  • Operating System upgrades
  • Use of advanced tools
  • The choice of maintenance periods
  • Regular Antivirus updates

Telephone system AMC in Kenya

We strive to offer the best services to our customers. We have a team of highly skilled technicians who work together to deliver the best solutions for PABX, VoIP, unified communication systems, and  telephone systems in Eldoret. We scrutinize existing telephone system, then come up with a plan for the Annual Maintenance Contract for the same infrastructure in Nairobi. Using advanced monitoring software, we monitor the flow of calls so as to ensure smooth operations in your organizations. We also extend the Annual Maintenance contract service for our devices and installations. The contract is well designed in line with the clients in an economical way.

Is Maintenance required for your telephone system in Nairobi?

There are incidences that may prompt your need for Maintenance services of your telephone system in your organization.  In view of this fact, we are providing AMC’s on the telephone system in Mombasa with the service levels you expect the most for an impeccable communication. We maintain throughout the best in keeping a decorum with our prestigious clients in Kenya. Hence we are renowned as the most trusted service company for the Maintenance of telephone infrastructure.

What do we offer for telephone AMC in Kenya?

  • Agreements for Phones and Parts
  • Wide service across Eldoret
  • Cabling faults
  • Various PBX’s
  • Critical spares for systems we provide
  • Telephone Systems relocation

CCTV maintenance contract in Kenya

We also offer annual contracts for CCTV as well. The contract is to resolve any technical glitches. We offer you the best services in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya as well. We are bestowed with the skilled and experienced technicians who can undertake the Maintenance to keep your business running flawlessly.

We carry out Maintenance for the following cameras:

  • Dome camera
  • Indoor-outdoor camera
  • Box camera
  • IR camera
  • Day and night vision Camera
  • IP camera

There are so many organizations that require Annual Maintenance for their IT infrastructure, telephone systems(PBX), and surveillance cameras so as to lower operational costs incurred. Many small and medium enterprises opt for the services of AMT. There are so many available AMC companies within Nairobi, and picking the right one may be such a daunting task for you. Vector Digitals therefore is here to make a difference by offering the maintenance contract which covers many aspects of your organization. Perfect delivery in quick time, choice of option for the agreed time, affordable rate, and the quick response time are the coveted aspects many clients have found in us.

As a leader in the IT infrastructure solutions, we can meet the deadlines and delivery time.  Our policies with proven standards in Kenya make sure a proper delivery. We promise your security is innocuous at the hands of VDS Technology, Kenya. We are devoted to other realms of IT sectors as well that includes the Desktop Support and remote support.

Still you are in a dilemma to pick the best maintenance contractor in Kenya for the Infrastructure and telephone system in Nairobi support. Contact us now and sign the deal for a stress free experience.

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