VoIP Security

VoIP technology is quickly gaining popularity among business owners. This brings the need to enhance VoIP security since it is being widely used for communications. VoIP is technologically advanced with maximum features to make communication easier. The use of VoIP technology in communication however increases the risks of security violations such as cyber attacks by malicious hackers and illegal access by unauthorized persons,  devices, and applications.. Home users and business owners are rated as the most vulnerable groups to such security risks. Next generation networks are based on IP and this is the major reason as to why they face rampant security threats.

Who is at risk?

Eavesdropping is the most common threat in a VoIP environment. Unlawful intervention of audio streams and decoding of messages can enable the observer to tap the conversations happening over VoIP. If this occurs, chances are that the hijacker can attack a VoIP server or the gateway service.

Secure your VoIP with Vector digital systems

Do not allow security vulnerabilities hinder productivity and economic gain from using an IP phone system in your company.

Vector Digital Systems in Kenya is specialized in providing high security measures to secure your VoIP network. From the security point, we ensure all the connections are secured with the trending mechanisms in the security environment.

Some of them are :

  • Authorization
  • Transport layer Security
  • Encrypting Media Files
  • Authentication

Media files are encrypted by integrating some kind of encryption methods such as the SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol).

Remember your organization data is important

The use of  VoIP networks has caused an increase in the number of hijackers and various other cyber teams. Hence your organization must be alert with the data being flow through the network. We at Vector Digitals provide security in VoIP systems through various encryption technologies and tools. For example, the PBX can also have its lines all jammed through automated dialers.

In a short, VoIP security is a good idea and it makes the IP telephony environment more secure and reliable, thereby gaining the customer confidence. So it’s time for to engross the idea of VoIP security for your network.

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