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For most companies, the critical component for effective communication is their phone system. It offers a level of reliability and flexibility to your business. And at the edge, proprietary phones have taken the attention of more companies who are usually looking to have a closer integration with the existing business system. It offers the employees and the management to have an alliance with the business processes in detail.

NEC phones offer a reasonable, expandable solution for improving small and medium businesses. The wide assortment of the telecom system from NEC phones Kenya renders the best technology that can offer. Each NEC platform has been designed to expand business continuity growth.

Nec Phones Kenya Nairobi

Embrace the best Phone system with VDS Technology Kenya

If you are looking for closer and quicker integration within your business, a trusted and branded telephone system in Nairobi is required. NEC has got the most excellent digital and IP phones around; all ranked high. The advantage of using the NEC phones is its instant feature access. These phones are smart, intelligent tools designed for the increasing requirements of the industries across wide domains.

Vector digital systems have immense expertise in the field of planning and integration of NEC phones in Kenya and other parts of Eldoret. We have the profound experience of delivering various infrastructure solutions, including Telecom, IT services, and Automation to multiple clients in Eldoret. The successful implementation of significant telecom systems has given us a renowned name in the telephone industry for many years.

With proper endpoint management and provisioning, carrier flexibility, and hardware flexibility, the NEC phone system has become a promising choice for many companies. Moreover, some of the NEC phone series could be able to customize according to the user needs.

Advantages of NEC phones

  • Scalability: Most of the series of NEC phones allow for expansion without compromising efficiency.
  • Architecture: High performance switching architecture makes it possible to add the extension and intercom calls simultaneously infinitely.
  • Expert call handling: Call forwarding feature allows incoming calls to be forwarded to an alternative extension or another number.
  • Interactive Voice Assistance: Provides various voice facilities for the announcement of various messages in accordance with the call status.

The portfolio of NEC phones include:

  • NEC DT400 Series Deskphones: Elegantly designed and packed with many features; these phones empower the total user experience. Supports customization for the customer requirement, XML interface, and Augment feature functionality via personalization and application support.
  • NEC DT700 series Deskphones: These series are easy to customize and is simple to use.
  • NEC DT300 series Deskphones: Meeting the standards of communication, this series of NEC makes your employees more efficient and productive. User-friendly interfaces, modular design, Support XML Open interface, and choice of either digital or IP terminals.
  • NEC Aspila EX: It is a brilliantly crafted system integrating today’s communication tools in a transparent cut business platform.
  • NEC Aspila Topaz: Aspila Topaz is a state of the art digital key telephone system in Nairobi that enables immediate business requirements of SMEs. It’s a fully hybrid interface. Supports ISDN, programmable functions and Keys, scalable, and digital.

The technology has changed the business world much.  Along with the changing trends, we discover our customers are embracing the advancement in technology. Whether it is changed in the telephone system in Nairobi or IT systems, some have a penchant for the reorganization and others for new planning. We provide the clients with a methodical approach they want in the field of telecommunications, automation, and IT across Kenya. We are here to help you with better and refined solutions. The other phone system we provide includes the Panasonic phones, Avaya phones, and Cisco Phones.

Our method is simple. Hence our solutions are clear and obvious. We inhabit to know your business well, recognize your needs, and suggest a solution: Choose the finest, and we provide with 100% satisfaction.

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