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Many small and medium businesses are making an entry to the VoIP phone systems. The valuable features and the advantages of these phones are that it makes it more promising for businesses.  Apart from the usual call handling features, there is a flock of other features that helps the business in a better way. The cost of running the business will increase as it grows. One such area that your business suffers is the overhead expense in the telephone calls. With more and more businesses are embracing the IP telephony systems, it opens a future for better productivity and efficiency.

In the world of IP telephony systems, the phones that come with the extended features benefits the business much. Now the business starts to implement the VOIP phones that run on the Android Operating system, thus giving the power to access the Android Apps.

Grandstream GXV3275 – The Skype supported phone

As the conventional phones are rapidly losing their significance, the Grandstream GXV3275 phone has come up with the support for Skype calling feature. By enabling thousands of customers to connect to Skype quickly calls through their PBX’s and gateways, the Grandstream GXV3275 phone is redefining the productivity benefits in a more excellent way. Grandstream is renowned for its innovative and affordable solutions that are easy to deploy in small and medium enterprises.

Move with VDS Technology Kenya

VDS Technology Kenya offers comprehensive telephony solutions in Kenya for varied enterprises with the Grandstream GXV3275 phones. We have carried out successful installation and delivery of Grandstream phones, satisfying the desire of customers to embrace the latest technology.

What’s in store for you?

Grandstream is a perfect answer to the multi-platform video conferencing solution. This android run phone delivers exceptional features and thus has access to many android apps too. The features include

  • 6 lines of IP video phone
  • Support 6 Sip accounts
  • Powered with Android version 4.2
  • Full access to Google Apps
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Sip Video
  • High Definition Audio and Video
  • Supports Skype Calls.
  • Supports Google Hangouts, Facebook, etc.…
  • HDMI Port for connection to a TV monitor
  • Easy to install and troubleshoot

It also extends additional features as well.

  • It gives access to powerful business productivity App, including the sales force1, GoToMeeting.
  • It features an integrated blue tooth for pairing headsets and mobile phones for capturing the contacts, calls transferring, and more.
  • It provides access to SIP door openers, third party door phones, thus allowing the customers to control these devices from the IP phone.
  • Able to make and receive SIP calls from an IP surveillance camera.
  • The video conferencing will be useful for the business that considers cost reduction much.

Increase productivity

With the Grandstream GXV3275, you can improve productivity and efficiency in an unprecedented way. Business people would love this phone much since the users got another phone certified by Skype.

We recommend a solution for the IP phone system at your organization that would maintain an effective communication with the Skype calls. Trusting on the state of the art technologies and appliances we have found the solution for most of the VOIP systems. With Grandstream GXV3275 you can take your business to new heights. Now it’s your choice to decide.

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