PRI Gateway Kenya

Many businesses have embraced the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony as a means of communication. VoIP is used by all organizations, irrespective of their size. There are so many benefits that come with using VoIP in business. VoIP system is generally affordable since it is easy to manage . It is also equipped with several advanced features, hence explaining the reason as to why it is preferred by many entrepreneurs .

Looking for an attractive cost savings on your IP calls?

Making the calls to the GSM network through the local PSTN network is quite costly to a company.  Digital ISDN/PRI gateways could be ideal for the organizations who make heavy use of phone calls. The digital ISDN PRI gateway allows the routing of calls through the ISDN and IP networks with significant savings on cost.

ISDN/PRI gateway solutions with VDS Technology Kenya.

VDS Technology Kenya offers managed ISDN/PRI gateway solutions in Kenya with scalable infrastructure that promises a high return on investment. The solutions we deliver is robust and have low maintenance needs that can perfectly integrate with your existing systems. The business can take advantage of corporate calling plans to a certain set of employees from the office. IT sectors, financial institutions, Health care industry and other business can take advantage of ISDN/PRI gateway.

Advantages include

  • Make GSM incoming and outgoing calls (mobile) from existing telephones
  • Supports concurrent calls at a time
  • Able to send and receive SMS
  • Remote Monitoring Possible
  • Supports Call Back
  • Supports Multi-SIM
  • Lessen the operator to operator service fees.
  • Ideal for remote location calls.
  • Uses the Least cost routing Software

Organizations whose nature of work entails heavy use of phone calls incur high costs in paying expensive phone bills. This will result in part of substantial revenues going into paying bills. PRI gateway. ISDN/PRI gateway solution therefore enables you to save by significantly reducing phone bill costs. Furthermore, advanced features in the ISDN/PRI gateway systems offers a greater return on investment.

As the leading IP solutions provider in Kenya, we know that you want to save much on the enterprise calls.  Understanding this, we are skilled in providing the ISDN/PRI gateway solutions to many domains including the IT companies, Call centers, Government institutions, Health care, insurance companies, Financial companies and other industries. Contact us to know more details on ISDN/PRI gateway solutions in Kenya that can well integrate with your existing telephone system in Nairobi. We will be happy to help you  implement the infrastructure you always have wanted.

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