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Enterprise emails present businesses with a chance to transform their businesses through digital communication. Electronic mails are very essential in this modern era for effective and faster communications, especially in the corporate sector. They are indeed a professional way to communicate with clients, business partners, and colleagues, especially for large sized businesses.

Both small and medium sized businesses are embracing modern technology in communication. Electronic mails serve businesses with  a number of purposes such as instant messaging, social networking which enables different people within the business environment to connect easily.

Email Solution For Business Nairobi Kenya

Enterprise emails Service from Vector Digitals Systems

Vector Digitals provides the best email solutions in the Eastern Africa Region and Across Africa at large to organizations that want to establish strong mailing systems . Some of the email platforms that we offer include Microsoft, Google, among many others. These available email solutions transforms communications within your business environment.

Many organizations in Kenya including IT companies, government organizations, health care organizations and industries depend hugely on the use of text messages as a way of communication. We at Vector Digitals provide reliable email solutions which are both hybrid and cloud – based, giving you a chance to take your business to the next higher level.


 Benefits of Email Service from Vector Digitals:

  • Email solutions with Anti-spam and Anti-virus
  • High-end multi-processor servers (administration carried out by vector)
  • Customer and technical support
  • Friendly with all advanced features
  • Prompt activation
  • Reliable and trusted mail solutions for your business needs
  • Advanced security

There are many benefits to the enterprise emails. A few of them are as follows:-

Sufficient storage:  It comes with enough storage, which helps to manage the room for both emails as well as file storage. Therefore there is no need to fear about running out of space in the inbox. The server guarantees that your data is safe and always available.

Security: – The mailboxes of enterprise emails are scanned and ensures that it is protected from viruses, spam, Trojans, and other threats by utilizing the security products such as anti-virus software, anti-malware, and so on. It uses a user-friendly interface for easy access.

Mobility: – You can access your business emails through your smartphones while on the move. It makes sure you are able to access from any devices without any hassles.

Enhances the effectiveness: Useful features like calendar sharing, address books, files, and address books make the work and life easier. It helps to manage the client’s communication effectively with accurate and automatic emails of acknowledgment.

Get in touch with Social Media: It helps you to incorporate your social media accounts and many email accounts into one single inbox.

Customer support: – The service offered is 24/7, and in case of an emergency escalation, the time can be set for sending the emails automatically.

Enterprise email is undoubtedly an outstanding investment to your enterprise, as it reduces effort and enhances the productivity without being overcharged!

We are the pioneers of various IT infrastructure and telephony solutions in Kenya, with security of each organization being our number one priority. VDS Kenya secures your data from malicious cyber attacks, ensuring that you never experience through any loss of files and data. Some of our other services include Desktop support, remote support, IT AMC services, and many other IT services in Kenya.

For detailed answers on any questions concerning the most reliable solutions in Kenya, you can contact our highly professional and experienced team of technicians who may further assist in implementing your chosen email solution for your business.

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