Server Solutions –  Windows & Linux

Businesses require lots of space to store their data. Application of data that secures and runs many businesses demand a lot of space in disks, therefore increasing the storage requirements of an organization. Servers have since changed the way many businesses operate. With many options and reduced costs of operation, many businesses are embracing the use of servers for many uses such as application hosting. Choosing the appropriate server is crucial for any business.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a server solution for your business, some of which may include :

  • Space
  • Interoperability
  • Cost
  • Security
  • Updates
  • Should meet the business requirement in a more refined way.

The server requirement could be based on several decisions:

  • Are you purchasing the server for File sharing?
  • Is your server to be used for the storage purpose?
  • How much space is required for the server to serve the purpose?
  • Planning to use the server as a solution for your Applications, E-commerce, messaging or for other critical applications?

Whatever the purpose is, the server solution should have a structural purpose that fulfills your requirement in detail. If the right choice is made, moving to the server can bring fruitful results to your business.

Choose the best Server Solution in Kenya with Vector Digitals Systems

Vector Digital Solutions have transformed many business with their Server Storage solutions in Kenya. Our professionals are highly skilled and trained in delivering a precise solution for your needs with the high servers from the tech giants HP, Dell, IBM. These servers are powered by various platforms such as Microsoft and Linux based server versions.

We are your businesses server solutions one stop shop.  We can setup a new server, repair an existing server, or delegate roles from one server to another within your company and more.

If your company is moving, in need of new equipment, or a new business with needs of setting up a server network, our solutions tailor to your needs.  We are your server professionals offering services for:

    • Microsoft Server 2003 (All functions)
    • Microsoft Server 2008 (All functions)
    • Microsoft Server 2012 (All functions)
    • Linux Based Server (All functions)

Server Setup KenyaPlanning for a scalable server and storage solution for applications like ERP, CRM, E-commerce, messaging along with other business critical application is a key to success of those applications. The servers are a carefully crafted collection of servers which are organized by role and also have consolidated storage designed to expand as demand increases. The team at Vector Kenya can help customers pick from a wide range of servers and storage solutions available from HP, Dell , IBM, based on different platforms, form factors, scalability, applications, workloads, etc.


Windows Server Solutions


Linux Server Solutions

The solutions are made by keeping in mind the expansion and redundancy plan for the business, hence the storage space doesn’t affect you with the growing need. With the number of successful server solutions delivered across wide industries and clients, we have emerged as the best server solution provider in various towns in Kenya such as Eldoret, Mombasa, Nairobi, and Kisumu, as well as in various towns in the Emirates such as Al Ain.

Partnering with the right server solution provider takes your business to new heights. Being equipped with the servers of major brands, does ensure how your business data is being used effectively .

Stop worrying! The solution is right before you, whatever is your demand with VDS Technology Kenya.

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