Cisco Video Conferencing System Kenya

Building the right stable relationships and connections with customers, suppliers,clients, investors, and management in the highly competitive market is the major key to success in business.Communications should be transparent in every possible manner in order to achieve success in business.

Speed and productivity highly matter in the modern technological times. Video conferencing enables business owners to enjoy faster communications with colleagues, partners, clients and suppliers.

Why want to keep back from the competition?

The notion that video conferencing method of communication is only meant for high-end companies and prominent people has been dismantled, with more organizations, businesses and institutions embracing it. Small and medium sized enterprises use video conferencing to connect with remote workers and clients and to hold meetings, thus minimizing expenses by cutting down on travel expenses that could have otherwise been incurred. It is a modern and professional way to communicate and save time in offices.

Cisco Vc Systems KenyaVideo Conferencing with CISCO

Cisco is a well known service provider in wireless security, VoIP, Telepresence, and other communication products and solutions. As compared to traditional video conferencing systems which delivered rough images, dropped connections, unclear sounds, and software issues, Cisco video conferencing solution is equipped with the most advanced features such as superb quality audio and crystal clear images so as to provide a smooth communication experience.

CISCO Telepresence with VDS Technology Kenya

We have been continuously ranked as a leader in the provision of communication and telephony solutions in the IT industry. Vector Digital Systems offers reliable communication solutions which are built in consideration with secure infrastructure, excellent clarity and full duplex audio, so as to enable small and medium sized businesses and organizations in Eldoret and across Kenya to enjoy smooth communication experience.

We are highly experienced in providing communication solutions and services, and we can therefore design, configure, and implement an all round solution with the Cisco video conferencing systems.

How Cisco VC  benefits to the Business:

  • Quicker organizational decisions
  • Easy to use
  • Face to face discussions in multiparty meetings
  • Lessen the travel expenditure
  • Deliver high-quality sound and video
  • Schedule the session with familiar conferencing groupware tools
  • Can launch the meetings at the click of a button
  • A life-sized video representation of participants
  • More realistic display
  • Connect across a wide range of video systems and environments

Cisco video conferencing systems enables you to build a reliable and effective video infrastructure which can fit easily into any business setting.  A client can deliver video conferencing solutions using the Cisco Telepresence exchange sysem. Content sharing is made easier by Cisco Telepresence content server such that a user can record and store lectures, meetings, training sessions, and other important events.

We develop a complete solution with the Cisco video conferencing systems.

Stable connections with investors, clients, and other teams are very necessary in building a successful business. Video conferencing allows for easy communication of people in different locations.It puts into consideration all the modern communication tools such as crystal clear images and sounds which are very essential for smooth communication.

We assist you in upgrading your existing telephony system to a new communications system in your office while putting into consideration the size of your room and its layout. We also help you in choosing a cost effective communication solution that boosts productivity in your business. Some of the available brands of conference phones we deal in include, Huawei video conferencing systems and Grandstream video conferencing systems.

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