Yealink Skype for Business Phones Kenya

The way in which resources are utilized and managed fully determine the success of a business. One has to learn how to fully utilize the available limited finances to yield maximum results and  profits, thus expanding the business. This is one way to outdo your rivals in the highly competitive market.

Many organizations are in deep turmoil with how to boost productivity in the most cost – effective way. Reducing the call rates so as to save a substantial amount of revenue is one the first step towards enhancing productivity in business. A company can also invest in the latest communication mediums such as Skype video and audio calling, so as to enhance faster and more efficient communication among workers and clients.

Shifting to Skype for business has significant benefits such as :

  • Business calls made cheaper (international calls and national calls)
  • Effective management of your expenditure
  • Decrease the business travel costs
  • Stay in touch with customers and colleagues

Yealink Skype for business IP phones

VDS Technology Kenya understand the pulse of Kenya more than the other solution providers. Highly skilled, years of experience, applying innovation in the domain areas, we understand how to create a revolution in achieving the goals you desire. This makes vector Digitals an influential leader in the communication Sector. We understand exactly, what devices and solutions would make your business profitable.

Compatible with the Microsoft’s Skype for Business, you can be sure that the Skype for Business phones from Yealink are a promising product. In an advanced country like Kenya, the Skype business model would be of great advantage to the business. Elegantly designed with the large and touch screen and modern user-friendly interface, the Yealink Skype for business phone is a sure choice for your organization.

Yealink Skype for business phones comes with several features which include :

  • Quality High Definition Voice
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Full Keyboard
  • 2 Port Gigabit Ethernet
  • Support for high interoperability
  • Wall Mountable
  • Call Forward and call transfer
  • Local 3 way conferencing
  • Caller ID with Picture, name and number
  • Easy to use
  • Good search capabilities
  • Smart Dialing
  • Can be paired with the Yealink headsets and other brand headsets.

Implement it with the leader of IP telephony communications in Kenya.

Change is inevitable. VDS Kenya helps you experience a smooth transition in shifting from conventional systems to new telephony infrastructures. We understand that a successful infrastructure transformation is crucial for your business. We therefore propose and develop a model with suitable systems and implement it successfully.

We provide easy integration of the systems in an effective way through standard and defined protocols. As an Infrastructure solution provider with regards to IP telephony, communication systems, Conferencing systems, IP phones we endorse you a reliable and healthy option that best fit your organization in an effective way.

We are here to support you in developing a major shift to your communication mode that stands you out unique. Contact us now to learn more on this.

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