Microsoft Dynamics Kenya

Giving the customers positive and influential experience is vital for a business to win and retain them. Companies now these days hinge on CRM’S to manage the sales flow, lead generation, manage productivity, and create a good customer experience. Customers are the cornerstone of any business, and to engage them brilliantly and effectively should be the prime focus of any business. Effectively crafted with parameters to win customer loyalty, trust, and insight, so many customer relationship management software is in store now, claiming to be the best in the market.

As the market is flooded with CRM software, choosing a new CRM for your organization is an important decision. With so many in your list, Microsoft Dynamics seems to be the best in the industry – a CRM software package built by Microsoft with the focus on mainly sales and marketing. Balanced with the features of more customer engagement solutions, this CRM delivers exceptional client experiences.

Be more centric with Vector Digital Systems

Vector digital systems in Kenya is specialized in implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The gripping experience of existing clients in Nairobi and across Kenya has attracted more and more customers to opt for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The result – more customers are coming in to choose the Microsoft product through us.

These solutions offer vast leverage on their business, as it automates and simplifies the overall business functional relationship in a much-advanced way in accord with the client preferences. We are one of the leading consultants in Kenya for the consulting, customizing, and implementing a multitude of services of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions.

Why it’s brilliant?

  • Microsoft Dynamic CRM brings on personalized experiences by engaging the customers in the right and right place.
  • It helps to minimize the costs and maximize profits by automating the processes and fostering customer relationships across marketing, sales, and Customer Service.
  • Microsoft offers the CRM solution to experience the customer relationship through Mobiles as well.

Why companies choose Microsoft Dynamics?

  • The report suggests that over 25,000 customers in more than 75 countries rely on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the smooth flow of their business.
  • The simple interface makes it possible to interact with the customers efficiently and timely.
  • Reduces sales cycle and increased successfully closed rates.
  • Happy customers.
  • Empowers operational ability and great business insights.

The areas of customer engagement solutions include sales, service, marketing, and social.

Sales: The CRM helps to provide a comprehensive and instinctive that helps salespersons to be more focused and proactive.  Finally, astonishing customer experiences.

Service: The service abilities of this CRM enable companies to produce an end to end service, which help them to brand your product in a dominant position.

Marketing: This CRM is bestowed with the integrated marketing management solution for planning, operation, execution, and delivery across all marketing pathways like email, social media, SMS, etc.

I still need to be thought about choosing the Microsoft dynamics for your CRM solutions!

Don’t want to go for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM but still want the right solution for your organization? Yes, we do have alternate solutions for your comprehensive plans.  By dwelling into your business requirements and understanding the nature of client engagements, we can build Customized CRM software for you. Or else you can choose alternative products such as Vtiger CRM and Odoo ERP.

Time is ticking fast and don’t get too late to pick your solution.

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