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Conference phones are very useful in business environments which require heavy and frequent use of phone calls to carry out extensive communication in resolving matters that pertain the business. Conference phones are not only economical but are also an excellent tool in keeping remote employees connected so as to create and maintain a balanced work culture. Using conference phones is the best way to communicate across your organization effectively without wasting much time or incurring much costs.

There are so many available conference phones in the market, making it quite a tedious job selecting a suitable one for your business. There are so many factors to be considered while choosing the phone. Choosing an apt telephone plan and the required frequency is vital as the conferencing calls can be an important parameter for the expansion of your business. Rather than sending employees to foreign countries for meetings or all, the conference facility can take up the meetings in an effective way, thus reducing the costs for the operation. Steady use of conference calls take you a step further over your competitors in the market.

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Depending on the needs of your working environment, the challenge lies in the appropriate selection of the VOIP conference phones. Snom phones could be the best option for your conference environment. They are perfect for use in middle and large – sized conference rooms. A smart noise suppression technology together with an excellent HD voice quality makes it possible for you to conduct your telephone conversations in large groups.

Get the right conference solutions from Vector Digital Systems, a leader in the provision of VOIP solutions in Kenya.

With many years of deep expertise in delivering the various VOIP solutions across Kenya, Vector Digital Solutions is proficient in dealing with the induction of conference phone systems at your organization.  With high expertise in all aspects of planning and implementing, we are the most celebrated company in the Eldoret, Kenya.

Snom conference phones are equipped with the most advanced features which include:

  • Full duplex broadband sound technology
  • Management of telephone listings (internal and external) simultaneously
  • Multiple SIP registrations
  • Open VPN
  • Proven Voice quality
  • Powerful software
  • High Audio quality
  • Saves time and boost productivity
  • 3-way calls
  • Security: Open VPN SIPS/SRTP

Incorporated microphones ensures that all the members have the feeling that they are sitting in an adjacent office. The graceful look of this conference phone find it easy to integrate with the existing VoIP setup. Conference calls are the perfect way for a better business communication. Staying connected irrespective of the location and exchanging ideas each other can bring your team together and boost your business.

Is investing in conference phones worth it?

Some factors to consider when choosing a conference phone include :

Bandwidth: IP phones come with a HD voice feature and a good bandwidth promise an enhanced intelligibility. So investing in conference phone systems is worth.

Amplitude: Insufficient volume may compromise the quality of the phone call since it makes it difficult to clearly  hear and be heard during the call. Snom conference phones automatically adjust their microphones to ensure you enjoy crystal clear conversations.

Our conferencing solutions are designed to be as flexible and  scalable, therefore making communication easy for you.

Contact us for reliable conferencing phone solutions in Kenya. As the leading specialists in the provision of IP telephony systems in Kenya, we deal with all types of VOIP solutions in the entire Eldoret region. We provide you with the most trusted Enterprise IP products, DECT Phones, Conferencing systems and more. Keep in mind your business values and strategies, we plan, customize, install and integrate the conference systems that well suits your environment. The other conference phones we deal in include Grandstream conference phones, Avaya conference phones, Yealink conference phones, Polycom conference phones and Panasonic conference phones.

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