FXO Gateway

VoIP System has had a huge impact in business communications since it is now possible to communicate over different networks(VoIP and Analog phones). FXO Gateway Interface works wonders in connecting analog phone  lines to VoIP systems. An FXO Gateway acts as an alternative in case of internet connection failure or network hitches. It is of great value to businesses which have multiple branches in different locations since communication is made possible by connecting the FXO Gateway to  IP PBX systems in the branch offices. This enables an organization to cut down on communication costs. Many available FXO Gateway models come with similar features such as remote access, PSTN failover, auto provisioning, and interoperability with popular SIP servers, except for the number of FXO ports each model has.

FXO gateways from VDS Technology Kenya

VDS Kenya is highly dedicated to deliver effective services in interfacing telephone systems in Nairobi. Our FXO  Gateways play a major role in connecting devices to external telephone systems in Nakuru. There are different types of FXO Gateways which have been designed to meet the different communication needs of different businesses. Some of the advanced features that our premium FXO Gateways come with include :

  • Call waiting
  • Call forward and Call transfer
  • Music on hold
  • Support for multiple ports
  • Flexible Dial plans
  • Support for Interoperability with the leading IP PBX’s.
  • Advanced telephony features
  • Able to connect to multiple locations
  • Enhanced Security Protection
  • Enhanced Voice Compression
  • Simple management
  • Complaint with the SIP
  • Compatible with most of the IP systems.

The FXO gateways are best to use in the IT sectors, companies having different branches and other organizations. We have a wide range of FXO Gateways which include :

  • The NewRock HX420G 2 Port FXO Gateway : this kind of Gateway is specially designed for low-port-count applications such as fax-terminal connectivity, small businesses, and residential IP telephony applications. It is equipped with 2 FXO ports, 1 WAN ports and 1 PC port. It easily connects analog phones, fax and POS machine, as well as IP telephony and PSTN.
  • The NewRock HX440G 4 Port FXO Gateway : it is a VoIP – FoIP integrated device which delivers cost -friendly ways of deploying converged communication solutions for network operators and businesses. It comes with 4 FXO Ports, 1 WAN port and 1 PC port. Other  advanced features that are onboarded on the 4 port FXO Gateway include: 3-way conference, call forward, call transfer, caller ID, DND, and many others.
  • The NewRock MX8G 8 Port FXO Gateway : specifically meant for small businesses, the premium gateway comes with 8  FXO ports, 1 WAN port and 1 PC port(both being 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports).
  • The NewRock MX60E 48 Port FXO Gateway : It is equipped with 48 FXO ports and has been ideally designed to serve high traffic contact centers and enterprise applications.It can be used to connect analog phones, fax machines, and POS terminals which are configurable with up-to-full concurrency over SIP trunks and PSTN failover. It runs on Linux operating system and is equipped with various advanced features such as color ringbacl tones, automatic routing, 3-way calling, call transfer, caller ID, Call forking and many others.

Why VDS Technology Kenya?

Long – distance such as international calls can be quite expensive to handle and such frequent calls could lead in losses in the company’s revenue. FXO Gateways deliver better solutions that better connect your analog system to the VoIP system. FXO Gateways are equipped with many advanced features that can help you enjoy unlimited communication within cost-friendly budgets.

As the professionals in offering the IP solutions in Kenya, we understand your communication needs in bussiness. By providing the best VOIP solutions and world-class products, along with the skilled experts, we excel as the leaders in the market. The FXO gateways are the answers to many industries, such as the insurance sector, financial sectors, call centers, IT companies, and much more.

Be free to contact us to know more on FXO gateway solutions in Kenya that can well integrate with your existing office telephone system in Nairobi. We will be able to assist you in installing the infrastructure that you prefer best.

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