Our experience as a Telecom Company

Vector Digitals offers reliable telecom solutions to companies based in Eldoret, Middle East, and African region. We focus in providing innovative and brilliant wholesome services to our clients. We are experts in the IT sector and delivering advanced Telecom solutions to empower our  customers through smooth communications in their businesses is our priority. Using VoIP technologies in telecom companies leads  yields better results in business. It calls for a whole transformation of the market. A telecom company gets a chance to restructure their business systems, rebuild their market positions, and create innovative offers for their esteemed clients. For many years,  we have keenly focused on offering our customers reliable and effective IP Telephone systems. Many businesses have since embraced the use of IP telephony in their work environment to connect and engage with clients and business colleagues.

However, extremely few companies have fully exploited the maximum potential of IP Telephony. This means that most businesses are not using their investment in telephony to the maximum. It does not matter if you are our existing customer, or if you purchased your system from another vendor ; we are delighted to assist to achieve the best out of your telephone system if you are within Nairobi and its environs. Do not hesitate to contact us concerning any issue, be it a simple service or a complete restructuring of your existing communication platform. We offer effective and reliable communication systems to new businesses as well. Fully certified by TRA  as a legitimate Telecommunication Provider in Kenya,  we are  always focused in providing the best service to our customers.

Tra Approved Telephone Provider Kenya

Our experience as an IT Solution Provider

The major trends in  IT solution delivery, dynamics in IT Infrastructure,  and network connectivity drive us towards our major goals which include :

  • Enabling employee experience
  • Cloud software commencement
  • Extending the enterprise technology
  • Efficient IT support services

Due to many changes in business places as a result of technology and demographics, companies in Eldoret are currently seeking powerful and flexible IT solutions. Since 2009, Vector Digitals has continuously helped some of the top businesses in Eldoret to streamline their IT Solution process. During that time, we’ve met with a variety of challenging problems, and have successfully provided solutions that meet the high standards of both Vector Digitals and our customers.

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