Panasonic Conference Phone – NT700

There are so many upcoming trends in the conference phone market.A conference phone is very important for your business since it provides for an opportunity to harmonize many business activities. Many businesses are ditching conventional telephone systems for the advanced VoIP phone systems. Businesses have therefore highly benefitted from IP PBX systems.

It is very important to keep an open line between your workers and other departments so as to enhance growth in your business.Audio conferencing systems are easier to integrate with bother existing systems in the office, thus achieving set goals and objectives in communication. Voice conferencing has also become essential for every business, regardless of its level and size. If the call goes beyond the town or to other countries, active association is important  and it requires superior speakers that delivers quality and crystal clear sound. This is where the importance of quality and branded conference phones comes in.

Business growth with Panasonic NT700 Conference phones

Some of the factors to be considered when choosing conference phones include,  picking the phone that suits to the room, phone that is VOIP compliant, phone that is equipped with noise-cancelling technology, and many other factors.

Panasonic conference phones can connect over IP networks as well as PBX networks. This in turn leads to effective and productive conference experiences which are devoid of noise distractions . Several aspects are in place that makes the Panasonic phones a perfect choice for your audio conferencing solution.

Audio conferencing systems with Vector Digitals Kenya.

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Kenya is on constant run with constricted traffic, traffic jams, deadlines and busy schedules. It’s almost awkward to schedule the meeting on time, but however with the best conferencing solutions you can make the most out of the conference meetings and feel as if they were face to face meetings.

Being the class providers, Vector Digitals systems carry out the supply and integration of world-class audio conferencing products that take your business to a higher level. Some of the benefits of using Panasonic products include :

  • HD voice: it uses a wideband speech software to deliver quality sound. This ensures that the participants are able to take part in the conversation, giving a feeling that it is a direct meeting.
  • Noise Dropping: The phone is engrossed with the quality noise reduction mechanism. It helps to suppress the noise from the conference room background such as the sound from the projector fans, room music etc…
  • SD card recording: The recording facility helps you to review the completed meetings. It is possible to record to an SD card.

We will work with you to develop an audio conferencing system in harmony with your organization needs.

The other features include:

  • Speech speed conversion
  • 3-party conferencing
  • Full duplex audio echo cancellation
  • Mic noise out
  • Light and simple to install
  • Provide connection to PC’s and wireless handsets

Panasonic Conference Phones In NairobiA value driven approach to your audio conference need.

Whether you are to embrace the methodical system for your audio conferencing system, or to rearrange your current audio conferencing system, or implement  new infrastructure, we are much delighted in lending you a helping hand.

Established on a set of guiding principles, we take a practical approach in the realms of implementing telephone system in Nairobi, and VOIP solutions in Eldoret  town region. We believe in some of the disciplined practices which might best serve your company/business needs: Be it in the integration of audio conferencing systems or telephone system in Nairobi.

We propose a feasible and practical telephony solutions that make your business conducive and vibrant. The portfolio of other branded conference phones we deal with includes the Grandstream conference phones, Snom conference phones, Avaya conference phones, Yealink conference phones and Polycom conference phones.

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